Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Independence Day - A Lesson for Nationalists

So July the 4th came and went. Americans at home and abroad celebrated the fact they threw off the shackles of the (loathed) British Empire to gain their freedom.

How ironic that these days most of the world, even amongst their 'allies,' wish to be free of the American imperial 'dream.'

Don't Americans get it? Can't they see the wonderful irony of the situation?

I have written before about the absurd situation of the USA demanding everyone adhere to their Monroe Doctrine, which at the time saw their imperial pretensions extending to the Americas (how do you think Venezuela, Brazil and others feel about this self-proclaimed overlordship of their nations?), whilst they seem more than happy to stick their pudgy fingers into every continent of the world.

Why can't the Syrians, Lebanese and other Arab states have a Monroe Doctrine of their own demanding that America keep its malevolent oar out of the Middle East?

Why can't the Germans, Italians and British have a Monroe Doctrine of their own demanding that America close its outdated Cold War/WW2 military bases?

Did you know that American patriots - in-between exposing plots by their own government to erode what they see as their liberties won circa 1776, - wax lyrical about the threat coming from America's involvement with groups like the UN, primarily the idea that foreign armies could open bases on US soil.

Er... hello?

Foreign armies on your soil? Don't they understand? Huge US bases are dotted across the world. Guantanamo Bay anyone?

July the 4th has become a bitter joke, for the people fighting American invaders, for those opposed to American military bases on their soil, for those opposed to American (anti-)cultural hegemony in the Western hemisphere, for those sickened by America's blocking of UN resolutions against Israel.

While Americans celebrate a 'fight for freedom' over 200 years old, they celebrate American military interventions, American diplomatic bullying and bribery, and American (anti-)cultural imperialism across the globe.

Many years ago the National Front proclaimed July the 5th as British Independence Day, with demonstrations outside US Military Bases on English soil.

Whilst the BNP has latterly turned against the American wars we've been dragged into, their erstwhile Neo-Con stance of blaming everything on Islam coupled with their early support of the invasion of Afghanistan for that very reason has made them ineffective on defending English, UK or European rights against American encroachment in so many spheres.

After all, those who follow the (Neo Con) idea of the "Clash of Civilisations" who thereby stand on the side of (oxymoronic) Judeo-Christianity --in other words Israeli/Zionist/American policy-- can hardly take a genuinely Nationalist stance against American Imperialism without looking like people who are trying to have their cake and eat it (or as the Italians say, to be drunk with a full barrel).

Let us look at the two situations for they mirror each other:

  • In the mid 1980s the reactionaries of the day believed that the Cold War made the Americans our natural allies. Thus the National Front were painted as "cranks" (and absurdly even Communists!) to oppose American military bases and proclaim British neutrality.
  • Today the reactionaries believe the 'War on Terror/Clash of Civilisations' makes Israel (and the Americans) our natural allies. Thus those of us who oppose the Neo Con agenda are painted as "cranks" (and absurdly even Islamists!) to proclaim British neutrality.

As with yesterday's, so today's reactionaries have much to fear and are working to an agenda (primarily a Masonic one).

Might today's nationalists have the courage to proclaim July 5th as British Independence Day as we fight to get the UK out of the sphere of influence of America and its Neo Con allies over here?

Or will many of them continue to act out their Neo Con fantasies and blame the world economic crash, countless wars, increased taxes, unsafe streets, the collapse of the family, falling standards in schools, the 'gay' agenda, dead end 'Mcjobs,' gun crime, the collapse of morality, MPs fiddling expenses, the Europhile agenda, binge drinking and anti-social behaviour all on the Muslims?

We once proclaimed Neither Capitalism Nor Communism as we raised high the banner of a genuine independent nationalist voice.

May we now have the courage, honour and honesty to proclaim Neither Israel Nor Islam as we fight to raise the banner of a new independent nationalist voice for the 21st Century.

Then those who stand on the coat tails of the Zionists, Neo Cons and their American apologists will be seen as the traitors to genuine nationalism that they are.


Craig said...

Foreign armies on your soil? Don't they understand? Huge US bases are dotted across the world. Guantanamo Bay anyone?

Thank you for pointing this out, it is an irony lost on those who denounce the UN and other internationalist bodies while advocating what amounts to neo-imperialism. The real reason US conservatives oppose the UN is because its role of nosing into other countries' affairs puts it in competition with an America that wants to do exactly the same.

Anonymous said...


Britain should get back over there and make them our colony pronto!

If Britain is the father then the U.S. is the unruly brat who's barely out of nappies who keeps testing and pushing buttons to provoke a response.

The world would be a much better and saner place if British influence was in place.

Yanks? F**k 'em and shove your 4th of July up yer arse!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't want America as a British colony. We already have too much of their crap over here.

Anonymous said...

America as a British colony would be subject to 'our' crap and would also not be able to dictate their free-market economics on the world, they would also be included in our White Commonwealth alongside Canada, Australia, New Zealand thus freeing our subserviance to the Soviet States of Europe.

Final Conflict said...

America as a British colony, or Britain as the 51st State -- both would mean one 'country' being subservient to another with the Masons sat on top.

Anonymous said...

All the American Founding Fathers were Freemasons.

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