Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Yes! Now We Are ALL Anti-Semites

Oliver Stone is the latest 'celebrity' forced to his knees to apologise to the Golden Calf that is the Israeli Lobby.

His crime?

  • To state that more Russians died in WW2 than Jews.
  • To state that the Zionist Lobby runs American foreign policy.

And he was forced to apologise?

Is it a "crime" (a hate crime no less!) to state the truth, no matter how unpalatable?

Some Zionist mouth piece claimed that Stone had now been exposed as an Anti-Semite.

Welcome to the club Oliver!

Rich or Poor, White or Black, Left or Right, Christian or Muslim, (even) Jew or Gentile: if you dare to state the truth about history, geo-politics, banking, government policy, media control etc. etc. you too could well be an "Anti-Semite."

It's an ever growing club!


Anonymous said...

Moi? Anti-Semite?

Not at all dear boy, I have no grudge against the Arab, in fact I realise that it is the jew who soured our cordial relations with the Arab.

Anti-Khazar/Ashkenazi? Yes indeedy!

Final Conflict said...

Sorry - I was refering to Anti-Semitism as understtod and controlled by the Neo Cons and their pet media.

As mentioned in the post even Jews who are against israeli policy, and/or the Holohoax racketeers, are labelled "anti semitic".

How ridiculous is that???

Anonymous said...

according to one report Stone himself is half-Jewish

Anonymous said...

Most of the 'Palestinians' are the Semitic jews who over the centuries have become assimilated and 'become' Arab, it is therefore rather ironic is it not that the most extreme act of anti-Semitism in the world is perpetuated by the Ashkenazi on their 'fellow' Sephardics?

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