Friday, 9 July 2010

Govertnment, Banks, Taxes, Usury. Some Answers Please.

Let's pretend we are all American donut eaters, or zombiefied Eastenders watchers. Attention span 2 minutes.

OK? Are you "in the zone?"

Right let me ask some very simple questions that we, perhaps in an 'Oprah' advert break, can easily digest (one per TV break perhaps):

  1. Why when the Labour government was in an economic boom did it still borrow money?
  2. Why when the Labour government had raised so many stealth taxes did it still borrow money?
  3. Why when hundreds of billions were spent bailing out the banks aren't the banks paying it all back (with interest) to bail us out?
  4. Why does the ConDem government still borrow money whilst raising yet more taxes?
  5. Why does no government stop borrowing money and just create its own government bank that can issue its own money debt-free?
  6. Why doesn't a government bank offer secured reasonable loans (eg 75% mortgages) at fixed-fee amounts?
  7. Why does no nationalist elected representative present a usury-free answer to local debts, local services cuts etc. to present a real third positionist (neither Capitalist nor Communist) stance?

Food for thought.

Right. Can I take my track-suit off now?


Anonymous said...

International Financiers are more than aware that they need to corral the proles and as such they create political parties 'to serve their interest' ie. Labour Party.

As we all know, Mordechai Levi was Friederich's personal bitch thus was created Marxism from the deep pockets of Capitalism.

Socialists raison d'etre is to spend someone elses money and to make as many of the population reliant on the State that is why they undertake job-creation schemes such as civil servant recruitment and 'provide' such handouts as family tax credit etc.

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