Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Neo Cons Not Only Lied: They Were Totally Wrong

It's always annoying when anyone says "I told you so..." so I won't.

Dame Manningham-Buller the former head of MI5 said the Iraq war was a big mistake because the ("sexed-up dossier") intelligence was wrong, Iraq had no link to '911,' the war "radicalised" Muslims here, and the war allowed "Al Qaeda" to enter Iraq - something they hadn't done previously.

Now, without appearing like a beaming know-all in a CND shirt in a post-nuclear apocalypse scenario, whilst the "civic nationalists" and plastic "Blame the Muslims" quasi-Neo-Cons in groups like the BNP were itching for war to bash 'the Muzzies', Third Positionists were crystal clear that the war was wrong.

We said this BEFORE the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Let's not forget all the dead on both sides too - all for meaningless Neo Con sabre rattling buffoons to assert their authority, knock Israel's enemies, and make a lot of money.

It's long been the case, but even more so now: The pro-Israeli idiots in the 'nationalist' parties (at whatever level) should be expelled.

Those who back Israel have cost us a lot in tax pounds, and cost the lives of many a dead soldier.

They were and are idiots and traitors and no nationalist should have any truck with them.


Anonymous said...

don't get to carried away with yourself old boy, most thinking people realised that 9/11 was instigated by CIA/Mossad 'al qaeda' stooges.

The United States of ZOG/Bush Jnr. were always after persuing Saddam for his humiliation of Bush Snr. The invasion of Iraq was carried out under the pretext of WDM, if Iraq had WDM they would surely have deployed such hardware if ever they were invaded?! Further to this, it confirmed the fact that the UN is the World Congress of the Elders, it is illegal (under the UN's own constitution) to seek the removal of another countries sovereign ruler/government.

Afhganistan will never adopt 'democracy' they are majorily Pashtun but that 'country' runs through tribes, no, the real threat Afghanistan poses is the North West Frontier-Pakistan. Pakistan is a 'loose cannon' and a nuclear armed Muslim country, since Pakistan/Indian hostility has 'settled down' somewhat, they fear that Pakistan/Muslim militants may now turn their attentions 'elsewhere'.

If there is really a resolve to rid the world of the threat of al-qaeda then why are they not concentrating their forces in Somalia/Yemen/Sudan?

Iran is the endgame...for this phase of 'their' war at least!
Iran is the endgame.

Anonymous said...

Goodness me, this is an excellent summary of the situation as outlined by 'anonymous' and confirmed by today's WikiLeaks.

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