Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Now They Won't Ever Bugger Off Home!

Top judges have said asylum seekers can stay here if their homosexuality makes them a target for harassment and suchlike 'back home.'

This is, of course, a green light now for degenerates from around the world to target the UK, knowing that they will have to be accepted, just as we accept gypsies from Eastern Europe (as if they were being killed by the lorry load out there).

Even worse, their justiceful lordships have now allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry, to turn up at a UK port and say "I'm a poof" and be allowed into the country!

Do their worshipfulnesses not have a clue? Does their obsequious nature in the face of the Gay Mafia and political correctness not allow them to smell the coffee?

Why is it in this world, the homosexual label on anything seems to make it OK?

It makes asylum seekers OK. It makes lewd behaviour in public OK. It makes council funding of loss-making parades OK.

In short the establishment seems hell bent (so many puns!) on promoting the "rights" of homosexuals in every sphere, in every facet of modern life.

As Enid Blyton might intone: It's all so very queer.

As one of the FC sprogs might quip: That is soooooo gay.

And as a grumbling builder might sneer between gulps of hot tea: Bugger that!

Oh. As a P.S. may I ask the perennial question - why does an alleged pooftah in Iran or Central Africa have to travel all the way to the UK to find safety? is there really no other safe place betwixt hither and thither? To ask this question gives the lie to the idea that a load of fudge packers from the four corners of the world need to land in the UK to find safety. But then senior judges never did have any common sense.


Anonymous said...

What a glut of material for any decent comedian!

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