Tuesday, 22 March 2011

American Zionist Hypocrites: the Dissatisfied Will Rise in the USA too

Now the usual suspects will screech about this video appearing on this site.


Listen to his words.

If only we had a White, Christian leader like this, instead of weasels and hypocrites too afraid to upset the Israeli Lobby and their compliant media.

We may not agree with everything Farrakhan stands for (though we should learn to respect Black Separatists -- I would always prefer them to integrationist coconuts who want to join the BNP and be "proud Brits"), but he speaks a lot of sense.

When Americans rebel against their government, will the slugs in Washington DC back down, declare a cease fire and give the rebels their own land, where they can keep their arms and run their own affairs? Or will they do another Waco, Ruby Ridge etc.?

Farrakhan is right to point out America's hypocrisy over Gaza and Lebanon.

Sadly at the time those conflicts were happening, leading BNPers were supporting Israel!

Shame on them.

I would rather listen to Farrakhan than the Kosher words of a White traitor selling out for Zionist shekels any day of the week.

I believe most White Separatists, Nationalists and Patriots would too. We have our differences, sure. But his racial separatism and his anti-Zionism means he talks a lot of sense. It's a shame he's a Muslim... but you can't have everything handed to you on a plate!

Just as with David Duke, the man himself may have his shortfalls, we may even disagree on certain things, but when a message is powerful and correct, we have a duty to listen and tell others.


Nationalist from Scotland said...

Probably I still have some of those "He Speaks for His People We Speak For Ours" stickers stashed somewhere! Old time Third Positionists will remember them.

Commander Rockwell spoke at NoI rallies and I see no reason why we should not enjoy good relations with them today. Building links with racial seperatists of all races while at no time compromising our own integrity as White Christians is just about the most productive activity we can engage in.

Oh, and Nick G has most probably forgotten his visit to the tractor factory in Libya. Mr PS do you have the picture to hand? If not Derek H might do.

Final Conflict said...

were they stickers? I thought they were posters. It's funny isn't it - the most radical ideals - which still pushed for repatriation - were spinned against as "selling out", whilst the BNP went on to sell out by dropping repatriation, cosying up to Zionists etc... How fickle people are.

The photo you mention was published in NT circa issue 41 or 42 wasn't it?

Tractor factories always smack of the Soviet Union though! ;-)

I'm sure NG has long buried his associations with anti-Zionist Muslims, albeit secular ones like Gadaffy.

Nationalist from Scotland said...

Hmm....You have me wracking my memory now. I'm sure that they were either stickers or leaflets as well as posters. I only ever had stickers and leaflets back then. Some of the stickers were quite big so maybe it was one of them.

Nick and then comrades visiting Libya got a big spread in NF News, which I also have gathering dust somewhere.

The nationalist movement in the 80's looks positively healthy compared to the circus show that we have today.

Are there any Third Positionist groups still on the go in Britain? We could certainly use them.

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