Monday, 21 March 2011

Zionist Warmongers Who Ignored Gaza, Lebanon, Saudis and Rwanda

Today in parliament David Miliband, the son of Jewish Communists, said that it was part of "our" (?) tradition not to pass by on the other side.


Tell that to the people of Gaza. Or of Lebanon. Or of Rwanda. Or of Zimbabwe. Or of Bahrain. Or of Yemen.

It seems that "we" are very good at walking by on the other side, specifically when involvement would upset the Neo Cons.

But why worry about hypocrisy? Blair and his Neo Con war machine is alive and well in Westminster.

After all, this government like so many others will always find money for the financiers and the arms trade. Not so for schools, libraries, old peoples' homes etc.

They know who butters their bread.

And remember when they say it is all about "democracy" -- tell that to the people of Gaza. They voted for Hamas in a democratic election and got bombed and invaded.

It has never been about "democracy" nor civilian murders (if it was they would have invaded Saudi Arabia and Rwanda).

It is, always has been and always will be what the Neo Cons, Zionists and other warmongers want.

Neo Cons Want Regime Change


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