Monday, 7 March 2011

Jeffrey Epstein & the Prince: a Set-Up or Revenge?

I wonder what Prince Andrew has done to upset the establishment figures so much?

Guilt by association is such a broad stroke attack.

Let me make it clear I have no interest in defending the prince.

  • 1. I am no monarchist.
  • 2. I am no defender of unearned privilege.
  • 3. I am no fan of big business.
  • 4. I am no fan of American, Jewish, financier, billionaire, sex offenders (could there be anything
Now let's look past the headlines.

Why is the prince being attacked for working with someone any amount of politicians would work with day-in, day-out? Is the financier working with finance? if so why not ostracise the bankers etc. that have worked with him?

When a famous person is attacked like this we should ask "why?"

They are all at it.

This kind of "link," when it is used to attack a politician or similar stinks of vested interests.

Has the prince done something to annoy the spooks, media etc.?

This looks like a concerted campaign.

Has he upset or threatened the bankers? The Zionists? I wonder...

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Prince Andrew is not a person to hold up as a role model. That he associated with an American, Jewish, financier, billionaire, sex offender is awful - and something his minions, flunkies and spook-minders should have warned him off (or did they give him the all clear - built up, knocked down so to speak?).

Idle speculation?

Remember the case of David Mellor?

He offended the Zionist lobby by speaking out forcefully against the treatment of the Palestinians on a visit to the Middle East.

Shortly afterwards he was "exposed" for his 'romps' in a Chelsea football top with a harlot. It all stunk to high heaven, with bugging of the flat, a kiss n tell story sold for tens of thousands etc. etc.

The defender of Palestinian rights in the 'right wing' Tory party (traditionally pro-Israel) was forced out in disgrace, and the Palestinians are still be maltreated...

The lesson is that the enemy of civilisation will keep dirt files on friends and enemies. And you never know what might be said or done behind closed doors which prompts them to take something out of one of their files to be handed to a media puppet.

That's what makes me wonder what Prince Andrew has done to upset the puppet-masters.

Media say Sex-Offender Paid Fergie


frederick, pukekohe, nz said...

I have the feeling you are on the right track when you wrote: He offended the Zionist lobby by speaking out forcefully against the treatment of the Palestinians, and you do not defend the Palestinian rights in the 'right wing' Tory party. The Palestinians are indeed maltreated. But is this not exactly what those Neocons want? They not only keep dirt files on each and everyone, they, if I read it correctly, even get rid of anyone that stand in their way?

Nationalist From Scotland said...

Interesting viewpoint. I hadn't thought of this story like that before. Like the rest of the hapless royal family, Prince Andrew was just making another gaffe or are there more sinister forces in play here? The media will not trash anyone who is not fair game, that is, people who are not protected by money power.

I can't think of anything Andrew might have done to upset to upset the culture distorters but then again I have not really made much of a study of his life. Perhaps other readers can enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

This proves the point that whomsoever the MSM attacks must be 'decent' or at least contain elements who are not Elder-friendly.

This Prince Andrew story highlights the larger campaign which the MSM undertake in undermining Monarchy. Regardless of anyones personal view on the Monarchy, the institution is a defence against the Elders' total takeover of Britain.

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