Wednesday, 2 March 2011

John Galliano - sacked by Dior for being Homosexual?

It seems that Dior has finally seen sense and sacked the homosexual John Galliano.

Dior has a proud Fascist tradition (the French millionairess Fran├žoise Dior supported John Tyndall and Colin Jordan in the 60s- marrying the latter).

Right: Fran├žoise Dior salutes with Colin Jordan

What a shame it has been besmirched by hiring a homosexual.

At least they have seen the error of their ways.



Anonymous said...

The owner of Dior, "Something" Toledano is a jude from Morocco ...Natalie Porter is jude ... and have complained ...

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the same Francoise Dior who, posing on the steps of Leyton Town Hall, urged the punters to vote Walker Gordon 'The Race-Mixing Candidate'?

Shockadelic said...

Fired for saying he loved Hitler, not for being homosexual.
Strange how that slipped your mind.

Final Conflict said...

No you idiot - it's called humour, it's called irony. It takes intelligence to spot it, so i guess you're forgiven! lol

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