Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Criminal Conspiracy lead to Zionist War Crimes

A Democrat Representative in America has called Obama's role in the attacks on Libya an "impeachable offence"

Rep Kucinich Calls for Impeachment

Right: How the media works

Meanwhile we have to ask if Israel were bombed after a gung-ho campaign by a pro-Muslim country with a pro-Muslim War Hawk for defence secretary (and a supportive Muslim opposition leader), backed up by a country all but run by Muslims that Vetoes all and any anti-Muslim UN resolutions, with the military attacks led by a country with a Muslim leader who was persuaded to seek military action by a Muslim "philosopher" to support rebels inside the country (who are still an unknown commodity), wouldn't all non-Muslims sit up and ask questions?

Wouldn't we as patriots smell a rat, that our military were risking their lives, that our tax-payers are paying for missiles costing £800,000 each, and for sorties that cost goodness knows what in fuel - all for a "Muslim conspiracy" to attack Israel?

Wouldn't Zionists, the Israeli Lobby and any pro-Zionist newspapers call it what it would be: a Muslim Conspiracy to attack an "anti-Muslim" state?

Now instead of Israel insert the name Libya, and instead of Muslim insert the word Zionist.

  • Britain is run by Zionists (all the main parties are pro-Israel), with key Jewish-Zionist placemen cheering it on (e.g. Rifkind), and War Hawk gentile Neo Cons (e.g. Liam Fox) pushing it through, supported by the Labour leader (Miliband) the son of Marxist Jews who played the Holocaust-card in backing the air strikes (yet not to rescue the peoples of Gaza, Lebanon or Rwanda).
  • America is Zionist through and through (and blocks anti-Israel Resolutions). US policy is Israeli policy, because the Israeli Lobby runs American politics and the American media.
  • France is led by a Zionist-Jew (Sarkozy), who was pushed to war by a typical apologist for Israeli policy (Bernard-Henri Levy).

These same people left the people of Gaza cut-off from the world, invaded and bombarded for daring to practice democracy in a wilful and illegal act of collective responsibilty and collective punishment.

These same people stood aside when Lebanon was illegally invaded, even with UN outposts attacked by a Zionist war-mongering regime totally out of control.

Will anyone dare to call a spade a spade? Or will moral cowardice reign supreme as per usual?


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