Monday, 28 March 2011

London's Burning: Agent Provocateurs on the Streets

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The riots in London at the "anti-cuts" rally bring forward a number of interesting aspects for nationalists:

  • The state is behind much of the fracas. This is well documented, and the blog GriffinWatch has brought together some of the evidence.
  • This is in response to the previous police state tactic of kettling, leading to perfectly law-abiding people having to urinate in the street and not being allowed to go about their perfectly lawful business (even people not in the demonstrations!). The police are out to prove that if not allowed harsh tactics, trouble ensues.
  • The state-led violence is used to silence and arrest genuine protesters.
  • Meanwhile the media go out of their way to disassociate the socialists etc. from the violence. Nationalists remember how left-wing (state led?) violence against NF marches in the 70s was used by the same media to paint nationalists as 'violent.'
The secret state and the media (the same media that paints US/NATO action against the Libyan army in support of a rebel army as a "no fly zone") have been playing out the game, and we sheep just baa.

Re. the London riots one is reminded of GK Chesterton's book "The Man Who Was Thursday." Seems like nothing has changed in the seedy world of the anarchists!


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