Friday, 11 March 2011

Gadaffi Asks Israel for Help

A few pertinent points:

  • Are the Libyan 'rebels' "democrats" or "Islamists" or a mixture?
  • Are the West/Israel/Neo Cons wary of creating a vacuum in which "Islamists" will move in (as in Iraq)?
  • By visiting Israel is Gadaffi 'sending a message?'
  • Or is this just a desperate gamble that will backfire?
Things sure are interesting!

Gadaffi's Son Visits Israel


Nationalist From Scotland said...

I wouldn't set too much store by this article. The so-called translator either doesn't really know much Hebrew or English or both. The resulting bodged translation is rather gibberish.

If Gaddafi is genuinely courting Israeli support then he is on a hiding to nothing. The west have no need to back him as they could better manage the country with a stoodge without the Colonel's substantial baggage. So any brownnosing to Israel is counter productive as it will only further damage his stock in the Arab world. His son could be acting independently of his rather eccentric father of course. It has been reported that a past girlfriend of his was none other than an Israeli soap actress which must have gone down like a pint of cold sick with Arabs.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no way that the Colonel is entering into any liaison with the jew.

As the first poster has pointed out, this is a story more about a second-rate translator than the actual facts of the matter in question.....thought you would have had a bit more savvy than this FC especially when you try and create an illusion that you have enough political intellect to not swallow such cock and bull!

Anonymous said...

gadaffi already cosied up to Blair. Nothing is cut and dried.

Anonymous said...

Think you will find that Blair cosied up to Gadaffi and the little matter of his squillion quid!

Anonymous said...

Aye - and the Col. should've told the war criminal to bugger off.

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