Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tolerance for Turks - But Decapitation 'Back Home'

Tolerance is a joke: it means we must accept all that is wrong and against the family (like degenerate homosexuality, its drug-culture and its death-culture), all that is alien to our European Christian civilisation, and all that destroys the future of our children, denying them the White, European, Christian nationhood and cultures that our forefathers enjoyed.

We have St Stephen Lawrence, raised on high for us all to feel guilty about, yet Kriss Donald the Scottish lad who was stabbed repeatedly and set on fire for being White by an Asian gang, is barely known outside of Glasgow.

Right: Imran Shahid, the murderer of Kriss Donald expresses his remorse: not.

This is the hypocrisy of the media!

Our people count for nothing! Our heritage counts for nothing. Our cultures count for nothing.

The family is under constant attack. Homosexuals and drug users (George Michael, Elton John, Boy George, Stephen Fry etc. etc.) are lauded by a sick media, appearing time and time again as role models, yet if you dare to question the benefits of multi-culti in even the slightest way you will be ostracised and lose your media job (Carol Thatcher and Brian True-May).

Our Christian heritage is attacked by left-wing councils with their humanist, atheist agenda and by a government and system so intent on passing law after law after law giving ever more "rights" to degenerate sodomites, they have forced the shut-down of Catholic adoption agencies and are even stopping Owen and Eunice Johns (a black couple) from fostering children between the ages of 5 and 8, because the couple oppose homosexuality!

In the age of Elton John and David Furnesh having an (IVF) "gayby" on Christmas Day (oh happy chance!) which the media gushed over as if it were the Second Coming with barely a contrary word spoken, we have to wonder what the hell this country is coming to.

If you are White, heterosexual, Christian and part of a traditional family it seems that you, as far as the media and the government are concerned, have no rights.

I remember when the Tories promoted the idea of giving a tax break to married couples (don't get too excited, it would doubtless include homosexuals) and the Labour politicians were up in arms that "x" pounds a week would not make people get married, not keep a marriage together if it were about to break.

Yet the same politicians see nothing wrong in giving financial inducements to couples to make them live apart, or to have them cohabit and not get married, never mind the whole con that is young single mums getting homes, benefits etc. when they should still be living with their parents, going to school etc. (and don't say the system isn't abused because everyone knows that it is) whilst the married couples obey the rules and pay the taxes that go to the single mums, the immigrants fresh off the planes, and the fat cat bankers who wrecked the economy and are already on the bonus gravy train with barely a gap in the money-grubbing.

It's the same old story isn't it?

Peter Hitchens was on the BBC's 'This Week' recently calling for policemen to be on the beat again, preventing crime, making the streets safe, acting like public servants, instead of rushing around in speeding cars to mop up after-the-fact, being tooled up like paramilitaries, and treating the public as a nuisance.

How right he was.

It's the same mentality again. We live in a society where crime is so endemic much of it just doesn't get reported any more. If you are burgled you get a crime reference number for the insurers and little more. Unless your name is Tony Blair or Elizabeth Regina, don't expect the scenes of crime squad dusting for finger prints. meanwhile mums doing 34mph on a deserted road at 10.30 in the morning get clocked and fined.

Criminals are just so much hard work, busy mums struggling to make ends meet are an easy target.

It's just another aspect of our society that is out of kilter.

If only we had a politician like that Austrian in the you tube clip - prepared to speak out, defend our rights, call a spade a spade.

At the moment even the patriotic movement here is imploding with tales of granny-porn stars, British businesses owed monies (in this economic climate!) whilst degenerates are employed on some gravy train scam.

The people who should be making a difference and exposing the corruption, the rampant usury, the con this is multi-culturalism, the non-European wrecks that are our cities, the out of control pink mafia - and much more, are the ones embroiled in degeneracy, expenses fiddling and all the sleaze we expect from bankers, MPs, and media-stars.

Things don't look good.

"Tolerance" is on the march and wiping out all before it. Will anyone make a stand for decency, for the family, for the tax-payers, for the Christians, for the poor bloody people who make up the bulk of the normal, White workers of these island nations?

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