Monday, 21 March 2011

Govt Lies, UN Subterfuge and Media Twisted Words: it's Iraq Mark II

On the Daily Politics (BBC TV Show) on the 18th March, ex-UK Ambassador to the UN Jeremy Greenstock admitted that UN Resolution 1973 (for the No Fly Zone over Libya) "scraped through" with 5 "big hitters" abstaining, to show their "disinterest" (at best!).

Right: Sarkozy the right-wing Neo Con Zionist cheers on another Zionist war. He won't risk his life to defend his interests: he leaves that to us dumb goys.

He said that the only reason they abstained (and the Resolution wasn't vetoed) was that the Arab League was 'on board.'

Yet we have already heard an Arab League leader crying out that they didn't want a military assault on Libya (as has been seen in the last few days) so it already seems like the Arab League were conned.

Of course, others say that the Arab League blackmailed "the West" by giving their support solely on the grounds that no action will be taken against Bahrain and the Saudis.

On that point Tory MP and ex-army officer Bob Stewart, on the same BBC Daily Politics show, was quite the War Hawk, calling for the arming of Libyan rebels, bombing raids on Libyan troops etc. even if it "saved one life."

This 'saving one life' doctrine doesn't seem to apply to Israel or the Saudis.

Strange that...

Arab League Condemns Bombing


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