Monday, 28 March 2011

Russia is right: NATO is the Uprising's Armed Support

The statement from Russia that the NATO forces in Libya are acting in support of the Libyan rebels is obviously correct.

Anyone can see that.

Right: A death toll. Whatever the truth of those figures, we can expect it to rise significantly as our government join rebels in attacking and bombing forces in civilian centres it wishes to take.

The media is playing us for fools. The US. French and British planes are being used to clear the road for the rebels, attacking the Libyan army and trying to get the rebels moving Westwards towards Tripoli.

This is clearly nothing to do with a "no fly zone" (e.g. as in Iraq in the 90s), and will only put more civilians at risk.

Today (Monday) on the BBC's Daily Politics arch-Zionist and War hawk Malcolm Rifkind was calling for the next stage - the arming of the rebels, making it clear which "side" NATO and the Zionists are on.

He also said if there is a cease fire (as Germany, Turkey and Russia are calling for) part of the diplomacy must be for Gaddafi to step down.

The game is afoot.

The 'mission creep' began at day one. despite some smoke screens the Zionists clearly want Gaddafi out.

As an aside, might we wonder that the rush to grab the oil towns as quickly as possible, ahead of a possible cease fire, is an attempt by various Western secret services to secure the supply of oil?

In closing, may I say that further down the road (perhaps a few months, maybe a few years from now) I am sure we will read of various special forces being on the ground in Libya. No doubt this will be explained away by a puppet media as "guiding in" air strikes, and so protecting civilians - whereas in reality they will be training the rebels, guiding them, advising them and helping them achieve strategic targets.

The spooks won't want to leave anything to "chance," whether that be events on the ground, or coverage in the media.

A civil war is going on, and "we" are on one side. Whatever else the media tells you is government, state and Zionist propaganda.

And if you really want a laugh - watch David Aaronovitch, the arch-Zionist, Neo Con left-wing apologist (for several wars!) who daily earns his 30 pieces of silver across the media, on Friday's Daily Politics, arguing that failure to join in this civil war, would have led to more immigration into Europe. How rich coming from a man that constantly tells us how immigration has "enriched" us (if it has, he should welcome the idea of hundreds of thousands more, who don't live near him and his rich friends). The idea that a long civil war stretching across the entirety of Libya won't lead to increased immigration just goes to show how corrupt Aaronovitch is (he is not stupid, he knows the score, but is ideologically and morally bankrupt).


Anonymous said...

I do not make this statement lightly.

A case was heard in the High Court yesterday (28th March) that is of immense significance for every candidate and agent at last year’s General Election and everyone unwise enough to stand as a BNP candidate or agent in this year’s local elections, the Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly or Scottish Parliamentary elections.

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