Friday, 25 March 2011

Collateral Murder - Coming Soon to Libya

Panorama, Newsnight and the entire BBC machinery has been acting as the mouth of the Libyan rebels. Every (uncensored) report from Tripoli almost invariably has the words "cannot be independently verified" tagged on, whereas reports from rebel areas (even tenuous, speculative ones, have no such tag line).

On last night's Newsnight a spokesman for the Libyan rebels all but called for US/NATO military action, on their side of course, and if civilians died - so be it, if it helped them win their civil war, their armed insurrection.

Thus we see the "humanitarian" cloak used (as Farrakhan said) to disguise their nefarious aims, is quickly tossed aside when it comes to killing civilians loyal to the Libyan government or in their areas!

Of course the elephant in the room is that armed rebels in civilian clothing are "civilians" too - even though they are in armed insurrection, no doubt helped by the CIA/Mossad.

So, as very few British MPs and media voices have the courage to state, we are joining a Civil War on one side. The crimes of that side will be airbrushed and the crimes of the other side (if you'll pardon the pun) will be blown out of all proportion.

'Mission Creep' is already taking place. There's talk of arresting Gaddafi, "taking out" Gaddafi, assaulting towns held by the Libyan government and their supporters (with how many civilian victims?) to help the rebels...

Killing innocents comes easy to the Zionists, and always will to achieve their ends. They are just numbers.

Human lives, civilian deaths, collateral damage -- however you want to label murder of innocents -- only matter when the Zionists want in somewhere. Then civilians murders are a crime against humanity. Oh the tears flow!

Yet when hundreds of thousands die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza - not to mention the million or so dead in Rwanda - it matters not a jot to the Zionists. Indeed, in some (most!) cases they are the ones doing the indiscriminate murder.

When Israel invaded Lebanon (a sovereign nation) many innocents died and UN checkpoints were attacked. There was no UN Resolution, no no-fly zone, no talk of war crimes.

When Gaza had democracy and voted in Hamas (as was their right), Israel enacted an illegal blockade. Where then was the humanitarian concern of the Americans?

Watch the following video. It shows the Americans in action, committing a war crime. Killing civilians. The man who leaked this video is being abused in an American military stockade.

Where is America's love of freedom, that they wanted this video hushed up?

What happened in Iraq could well happen in Libya if the various War Hawks, Neo Cons and Zionists have their way (including the British government's Defence Secretary). It's what the 'rebels' (who are leading the BBC by the nose, so must be part of a MI6 agenda) want, in order to get their way, and change the government of Libya by hook or by crook.

The talk of humanitarian aims, helping civilians etc. is all hogwash.

Watch the video from Iraq. A man walking down the street with a weapon (lets call him a "rebel") walks into a building. The American gunship then gets the all-clear from their own Command to attack the building, to blow it up (with everyone inside it).

If the rebel were a Libyan rebel and the helicopter were a Libyan government one, this would be shown on Newsnight as proof of war crimes, and as an excuse to get NATO troops on the ground to protect civilians (even the ones carrying weapons).

Why therefore, is it not a criminal act when the Americans do it? Because they are following Zionist war aims? Because they can veto the UN Security Council?

Is this any way to get neutral unbiased justice in the world? Or a neutral unbiased military response backed by the UN?

If NATO/US forces get even more embroiled in Libya, we will see more of this kind of action, more civilian deaths, the Civil War will escalate.

All to a back-drop of billions spent on weaponry at a time when all the Western states are close to bust and poverty in America, for example, is rampant! Kerching.

Yet because that seems to be a Zionist goal, we are all meant to sit back and clap politely when a Libyan rebel leader calls for more "collateral damage" to achieve his aims. Doesn't it kind of remind you of the Iraqi rebel nutters who were calling for war and promising they'd find the sites of the WMDs? Beware war propaganda using useful idiots.

Welcome to the New World Order. Killing is their business, and business is good.


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