Saturday, 5 March 2011

Why do the Media and Politicians Lie About the Threats we Face?

Successive governments of every hue have told us that the protection of our citizens is number one priority.

That is why, we are informed, that it was so vital that we take part in the newspeak "War on Terror."

Right: "Can we watch multi-culti, pro-homosexual Eastenders after the news Dad?"

Never mind that it could be argued that our taking on the Israeli-American foreign policy puts more of our people (here and especially overseas) in peril, let us look more closely at who our people need protection from.

1. Who is behind the terror attacks?

There is eye-witness evidence that Israeli Mossad agents brought down the twin towers and were "on the ground" in NYC when "911" took place. Eye-witnesses saw Israelis with a hire-van celebrating. The same hire-van was stopped by police whose explosive sniffer-dogs went haywire by the tunnel linking NYC with New Jersey. A story even leaked of a foiled terror attack on the NYC-NJ tunnel on the same day, before being silenced. The arrested Israelis were released without charge.

Or even without this proof, we can ask ourselves Quid Pro Quo. Who has the most to gain from "911" - a CIA established extremist Islamic group whose bases were destroyed? Or the Israeli war machine who achieved a turn-around in US policy (from non-interventionist to Neo Can war hawks) and had two anti-Israeli regimes turned to dust (not least revenge was taken out on the Scud-firing Iraq).

Ask yourself this: Who had the most to gain from the attacks and why has the evidence of Israeli involvement never been fairly discussed?

2. What kills more of our people every year?

If the duty of our government is to protect our people, why are they getting dragged (or running into!) foreign wars of a Neo-Con hawk nature when they cannot keep our own people safe on the streets of Britain?

David Cameron is showing his true Neo Con colours by urging military action against Libya. Another war for foreign interests alien to our own? Cameron is proving to be Blair mark II.

Meanwhile ask yourself this, in the last 10 years:

  • How many British people got mugged or burgled (inc unreported cases)?
  • How many British people got hooked on heroin?
  • How many British people had their homes repossessed?
  • How many British people lost decent jobs and have to scrape to make ends meet in McJobs or part-time employment with few rights?

and compare that to the number of British people murdered, injured etc. by "international terrorism."

I would suggest that more British people have been harmed by the banksters and their greed, or by the police who refuse to practice zero tolerance against muggers, burglars and dealers than have ever been harmed by any 'Axis of Evil,' Islamicist extremists etc.

3. And finally: who do our government obey?

If there is evidence that Israelis were (at the very least) involved in "911" and were active with explosives in NYC on the same day; if the Israelis had most to gain from the 'War on Terror'; if more British people have their lives taken, ruined or greatly disturbed by organised and petty criminals in the UK (especially English inner cities); why do successive governments pretend that their first priority is to protect UK citizens?

Why are we being lied to?

Why is our foreign policy being propped up by a huge lie?

Why is our domestic policy to let hundreds every day fall victim to robbery, violence and worse?

I don't want a police state, and I would argue that the 60s liberal experiment (and the explosion of single-parent families) and mass immigration has ruined communities to such an effect that many people no longer know right from wrong, no longer care for justice, for duty, for respect.

However, having a police force that actually deals with complaints of mugging, or burglary, or drug-taking and drug-pushing instead of worrying about if homosexuals can stay in hotels -- might that not be a good start?

Left: You think it's bad here? The US media is screamingly pro-Zionist and its two-party state is sewn up by the Israeli lobby. They pump billions into foreign wars and Israeli weaponry, whilst many of their own inner cities are war zones and are awash with drugs.

Don't expect the media or politicians to worry about this though. They are mostly pro-Israeli, many of them snort cocaine, most of them don't live in 'multi-culti' hell-holes or single-parent family sink estates and when it comes to 60s liberalism most of them are queer-friendly.

In short, nothing is set to change because the media, politicians and for that matter the banksters too form a circle of dependence. They are in each-others pockets and while they will justify all manner of foreign adventures to "protect British people" the very idea of actually protecting British people is anathema to them.

The other day I read an article about the efforts to get a foreign type of prawn out of a freshwater site because it was ruining the habitat of native species. Specialists, politicians and the media were involved and interested in catching and killing this alien threat to indigenous species.

Yet when have we ever had "specialists, politicians and the media" warn us of the effects of mass immigration? Habitats (eg the white communities of inner London) were decimated and destroyed in decades.

Today the politicians and media gurus will tell us how successful immigration has been.

Do you see it yet?

Whether it's the "War on Terror," crime, drugs, liberalism, homosexuality, abortion - you can virtually pick the topic at will! - this ruling elite does not have our interests at heart.

For them to pretend otherwise is sick in the extreme.

As the Skrewdriver song stated in the wake of the immigrant murder of the elderly patriot Albert Marriner in the early 80s: Now look at a sick society... Do we seriously think it's got better?


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