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Degenerate Moderns: The London 2012 Olympic Posters - the Best of British Art?

Degenerate Modern: Ruth Davidson - Tory & Homosexual.
In his seminal work Degenerate Moderns, American author E Michael Jones says that modern artists are a product of their dysfunctional personal lives, and especially their degenerate sexual activities. To break that down and over-simplify it we could say that pooftahs and the like make "art" that is filth. Their lives are mired in filth so their output is mired in filth. Simples.

Think of the BBC. The dumbing down. The soaps pushing faggotry. The news output that pushes 60s liberalism. Why are we surprised when so many pooftahs are involved in the BBC? Just yesterday a former-BBC bod, Ruth Davidson, was announced as the leader of the Scottish Tories, and the BBC news crowed that she was the "first openly gay party leader in the UK" as if this was a pivotal moment, a landmark for freedom, and something to be embraced.

In medialand it probably is, but in the real world where we struggle to pay bills, work every hour God sends and try to bring our kids up to know right from wrong, against a deluge of liberalism.

Martin Creed -- "Work No. 1023"
Was it coincidence then that the day the 'Gay Tory' took control of the Scottish Tories, that the posters for the London 2012 Olympics were unveiled? Ruth McKenzie, the leader of the Cultural Olympiad (sounds like a Soviet Commissar) defended the posters on yesterdays media - clearly used to the gushing praise from luvvies and shocked that so many "normal" people were saying "what the....?"

Ms McKenzie (she has to be a Ms!) is pictured above. Look at the people sponsoring this mess. BP, BT - all the usual big businesses pouring in their vast profits from people like us who can ill-afford their inflated bills. And their money goes to "art" that is just shite. Sorry, but I tried to be all high-brow, but it just pure unadulterated, absolute shite with few, if any, redeeming features.

Funnily enough, many of the great Degenerate Modern cultural events (one thinks of the crime-ridden Notting Hill Carnival or the various Gay Pride rallies where pooftahs illegally walk around with their backsides hanging out) could not take place without big business sponsors (and tax-payer money put in by councils) underpinning the loss-making events that 'celebrate' all that is wrong with Modern Britain.

Gary Hume -- "Capital"
The people 'celebrating' these new Olympic posters, the modern art promoters and collectors, do not live in the real world. They want to kid us that these child-like scribblings offer something "exciting" or "vibrant" or "enriching," the same buzz-words they use to inform us plebs that multi-racism is so beneficial to us! This from the people who only mix with rich 'coconut' ethnics (black on the outside, white on the inside), whose sole idea of "mixing it" with ethnics is which au pair they employ (isn't that a modern form of slavery?), which restaurants they go to, and pay Abdul at the 24-hour petrol station. You think that last one is far-fetched? Billy Bragg actually used that ('I get on great with the Asian at the local petrol station' or somesuch) to justify multi-racism when he lives in hideously White Dorset, not his native London (now very "native").

These people live in their one bubble of luvees, Guardianistas, Islington-types and suchlike whose idea of slumming-it is to fore go their Starbuck's Choca-Mocha Double Grande Vanilla Latte. They live in their gated communities or their white flight enclaves, and tell us that all the degenerate modern world has to offer from inner city London drugs gangs to the output of Tracey Emin is "enriching".

Sorry chaps but it isn't.

It is all soulless and degenerate. Since the 60s the world of art, politics, religion, culture, education, communities etc. etc. have all been ripped apart. The very soul of these building blocks of our society have had their innards ripped out by the Frankfurt School 'Degenerate Moderns' - the Commissars of the New Age.

I'm not saying everything was "perfect" before the 60s, because it so clearly was not, but the answer to that world was not the uber-liberalism of the 60s, which has delivered us a society wherein every gangsta knows their "rights" but so very few know their duties.

Ruth McKenzie of the "Cultural Olympiad" - Degenerate Modern?
The London riots were interesting insofar as it was possible, if only for a short time, that the world of the ganstas might infringe on the Degenerate Moderns... but whereas the police were content to stand back and watch the multi-culti gangstas rip apart the homes and businesses of 'ordinary' people in London, I wonder how fast they would have moved in (even with the army!) if the same rioters had marched on Westminster (or even worse - for them) Islington, Chiswick or Kensington and impinged on the 'bubble' of the likes of our political and cultural "leaders."

One thing is clear, yesterday's news output with its 'Gay Scottish Tory' and its Olympics Modern Art shows just how bad things have gotten in Modern Britain. Will it get even darker before the dawn?


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