Monday, 28 November 2011

Police Arrest Woman for Croydon Bus "Racist" Rant

On the BBC London News tonight, there was a story of an English woman on a bus in Croydon ranting against immigrants/non-whites.

Of course we are not shown the provocation, but were told by the police that this was unacceptable, that the woman would be found and arrested. Indeed at the end of the report they gloated that a 34-year-old lady had indeed been arrested.

Now few people will find her language acceptable in front of children, nor are her arguments particularly succinct and thought-through, but I repeat: what was the provocation?

Being a regular user of public transport in the Capital I can state as a fact that most foul language and aggressive behaviour against fellow passengers does not come from, let's say 'English' people (wouldn't want to break any laws!). "Gangsta" of every type (even in school uniforms!) regularly sprawl across the gangways, throw things at passengers, use foul language with impunity and so on.

Such is the boring monotony of travel in the capital, which working people usually put up with, for fear of the occasional but well publicised stabbings that take place.

How lucky we are that the police have the resources to track down, arrest and hold a lady for such crimes against humanity as ranting against immigrants. Luckily for Londoners (especially the real ones, the English ones) there are no muggings, knife crimes, gun crimes etc. to worry about and they can finally walk the streets in absolute safety now that a young mum at the end of her tether is under lock and key!

Lucky for her they have done away with capital punishment.

"Racist Woman"

Video of her rant (please beware it does contain a lot of bad language):


Anonymous said...

How much longer before this multi-racial wonderland erupts?

Anonymous said...

One important fact that all the White liberal/niggerlovers seem to forget when they 'discuss' the situation is that this is a situation which is pertinent to London.

These niggerlovers are the reason why White British are having to endure the rapes, muggings, unemployment, lack of housing etc.

The phone-ins/TV/newspaper 'debates' are the cosy world of these same wet farts, they are NOT an example of how the millions of Brits think. Brits gave up on the media a long, long while ago.

Let these White liberals come to predominantly White areas and spout their niggerloving shite then they will see how White people think.

This lady is an example of how the White working class have been betrayed, her anger is obvious, it is also criminal that she has no respected political organisation which can articulate her (and the many millions of her fellow betrayed) anger.

See also that stupid nigger behind her getting up, make no mistake, that monkey would quite happily have stomped her, regardelss of her being a woman holding a youngster, in fact it is what they do, I hope that white slag that later cuddled it experienced what 'racial enrichment' really means!

Rufus said...

Forget the swearing for a moment and look at what she is saying: Britain has been over-run with people from across the globe & our culture has been shattered; crime is out of control; political correctness dictates what we can say and think; our own people cannot find work and housing due to the anti-indigenous legislation which puts others first. All this is perfectly true.

The woman has been arrested thanks to the Stasi-esque informant who made this video. It is horrific that the State which has the audacity to bomb free nations like Libya to bring them 'democracy' (I'm trying not to laugh) arrests people for having an opinion - and one which although delivered in a less than eloquent manner, is perfectly valid and accurate.

Welcome to the UK Police State where opinion is a crime, and as you say in the article, real crimes go unpunished lest pursuing the culprits offends their multi-culti sensitivities.

Anonymous said...

Good on yer darling, you tell 'em!

Anonymous said...

Antony said...

Is she a British Rosa Parkes? I think she might be.

Anonymous said...

Emma is the living embodiment of her BRITISH forefathers.

This is the reason the Establishment want to shut her away and brand her 'mentally ill', because the anger of the White Working Class will know no bounds when they finally bite the bullet and decide that enough is really enough.

Nigger, Pakies etc. aside, it will be the chattering classes that will feel our wrath and they know it, that is why they need to maintain their facade of a lovely-huggy-multimix-racial and cultural hotchpotch because they know their time will come.....

Isn't it also ironic that Emma has bigger balls than the majority of White 'men' in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to get in touch with that monkey behind her?

I want a one-on-one with that black bastard, see how big and tough he is when it's a White man he has a chimpout at.

Anonymous said...

Where are the EDL? oh! I forgot, they don't like 'wacists' and they'd be bullying her alongside the muds.

ronald said...

get stuck in darling its ur fuckin country not theirsn,ten against one spot any whites giving her a hand?--no--disgraceful,i want to marry her xx shes great-plove dunfermline scotland

ronald said...

she`s the best thing i have seen in a long tinme,give her 20 skins then we`ll see who jumps

Anonymous said...

Next step...remove her kid.

Anonymous said...

Final conflict !
Third world clear off!
Death to the Marxists!
Eradicate Zionism!

Anonymous said...

Afričan black scum saying "we do your work whites are lazy". blacks bring aids and filth to this country, fill are hospitals,dentists,houses,prisons,jobs. emma is are queen. Millwall

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