Saturday, 5 November 2011

Puncture the Lies of Big Business

There's an interesting film available on satellite TV called 'Puncture'.

It's well worth a watch. It shows how big businesses put obscene profits before the health of nurses and the poor overseas. It also shows how they buy silence, bankroll politicians, threaten opponents and even bump off those who refuse to back down.

It's not a "pretty" film and the hero is a (Jewish?) junkie working with a Jewish lawyer (hey - what do you want, a full Rothschild exposé starring Hugh Jackson?).

It is a very interesting film and in the shadow of Mr. Werrity's dubious lobbying exploits on behalf of shadowy Mossad agents and American Neo-Cons, it shows why the system needs cleaning up. If the medical industry can buy loyalty and silence - how much more can the bankers buy?


Anonymous said...

As is V for Vendetta on BBC2 or catch it on BBCiPlayer.

Final Conflict said...

A good film, pity about the pro-faggot stuff of course, but you can't have everything [yet].

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