Saturday, 12 November 2011

EDL = Zionism, Jewish Lobby and Israeli Firsters

A picture paints a thousand words.

No argument. No debate.

The EDL are Zionist.

Nationalists. Patriots. Pay attention.

The BNP sold out on Zionism and it went downhill all the way - because betrayal begets betrayal.

Have no truck with the groups who softsoap, excuse or turn a blind eye to Israel and its crimes.


Levi Goldfaart III said...

i used to support Mr Griffin, now I support the edl and you are just being nasty.

Leave the edl alone! At least they are doing something.

You are too horrible.

Anonymous said...

Some people will defend the EDL Zionist scum, just as they defended Griffin years back.

Sock puppets to an enemy regime. Idiots and f###wits who know nothing about nationalism.

Anonymous said...

The 6 pointed star is a Luciferen symbol its not white or christian.All nationalists should educate those who have fell under the Zionist spell.Talmudic jews murdered our lord are behind immigration,pornography,communism and international money power.

Anonymous said...

There are many a good one amongst them but unfortunately they have fallen for the 'patriot' smokescreen and are naiive when it comes to the way the State create 'safety-valves'.

To try and organise around footie hooligans is similar to the suicidal way that the NF (and BM) organised around the skinheads, whilst both subcultures have amongst them sincere people, in the main, they are utterly useless.

The EDL's 'anti-nazi' stance is interesting in that they make reference to the marxist definition of 'nazi'. lennon is also by his own admission Irish and pro-IRA (many in Luton believe that IRA provides covert protection for him)

Anonymous said...

The 6 pointed star is ANTI Christian

Anonymous said...

Of course, we all need to use the FIVE pointed star!

Anonymous said...

Hail Crowley....666

Final Conflict said...

I wiondered when the Chief Rabbi would look in! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've decided that the anti-Zionists must be the biggest Jew lovers of all and that's it. If Israel is destroyed or becomes unlivable, where will all those Jews go? China? Africa? Of course not. So oppose Zionism, oppose the State of Israel, because the people of Europe and North America want those Jews back!

Final Conflict said...

Nice try Shlomo. There's been lots of alternative homelands for the jews - even the early Zioniosts agreed to an African solution. Plus of course there's Birobodjan [sp?] which is in/nearer to the Asiatic area the Khazars originated.

Israel is not the only solution!

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