Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sarkozy to Obama: Netanyahu a Liar

Watch this great video.

The voice watching the TV and making comments is that "voice of moderation" we all so rarely really hear: a full-blooded Zionist.

And boy oh boy is he angry.

Obama is toast as far as this Israeli-Firster is concerned. And if the chosenites and their followers think this in America, you can be sure they do in Israel too.

It's funny really because if the President of France weren't Jewish, and if the Israeli journalist who broke this weren't Jewish they would be a cacophony of "Anti-Semitism" -- and this despite the fact that the French media (according to BBC reports) agree to cover-up the remarks - obviously thinking to their masters' bidding.

The whole world knows that Israel is a terrorist state and the whole Israeli machinery is based on lies. But for us (mere goys that we are) to hear that world leaders know this too has broken all the taboos of the modern media.

You will note on this video that the Israeli-Firster gets all personal about Obama ("Muslim") and yet Sarkozy, the Jewish President of France who made the comment, escapes his approbation.

Oooooooh. Jewish racism?


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