Saturday, 19 November 2011

Who Remembers the Other Millions Who Died?

Who Remembers the Millions KIlled by Talmudic Reds?
Remembrance Day has been and gone. Do the Socialists remember those dead who died in the Korean War fighting Communism? Do we think that WW1 was fought "for freedom"? Or that Iraq and Afghanistan were worth the losses, all for a Neo-Con fantasy?

Next up is Holocaust Day in January. We were sold this political event on the grounds it would remember all genocides. Really?

  • Who remembers the Ukrainian Christians and Nationalists forcibly starved by the Communists circa 1933?
  • Who remembers the Irish forcibly starved by the British State circa 1845?
  • Who remembers the Bengalis forcibly starved by the British State circa 1943?
  • Then there's the Armenians (the first Christian nation), robbed of their statehood and massacred by Turks.
  • Then there's the Palestinians, robbed of statehood, exiled, put in camps etc.

All told these peoples vastly outnumber the "6 Million Jews" - the same figure Zionists said were being massacred, we should always remember, at the time in news reports during WW1.

Let's not forget the hundreds of thousands of Germans who died in criminal Allied Firestorms, nor the PoWs deliberately starved in 1945-46.

But hey, don't worry you Ukrainians, Irish, Bengalis, Armenians, Germans and Palestinians - we can all have yet another pantomime based on the Holohoax as the collection tin for B'nai B'rith is passed around. It seems your innocent dead don't count because they are gentile... How many Hollywood films about your dead are there? How many history lessons in schools? How many museum exhibits? How many govt organised memorial days? And how many laws making discussing the facts of their deaths an actual crime?

Ukrainians, Irish, Bengalis, Armenians, Germans and Palestinians: second class one and all!

P.S. If you are in any doubt as to the disdain you are held, think of the Poles who died at Auschwitz. Not only did they lose their freedom in 1945 to one of the countries that invaded them in September 1939 (which brings into doubt the whole ethos of WW2), but when Carmelite nuns erected Crosses at the site of their death, militant Zionist Jews poured vessels of urine over them. The latter demanded that the Crosses be taken down. Not even the dead of Auschwitz count... if they are not "chosen."

Bengal 1943/44 - The Forgotten Holocaust Killed Millions
Ukraine 1933 - Atheist Reds Organise Mass Starvation
Ireland 1845 - Free Trade Dogma of UK Means Millions Die


Anonymous said...

...and what about Katyn? For decades the Stalinist lies were promoted by the Bolsheviks while the media colluded with them. Truth will out in the end.

The nefarious ones have butchered the English language, 'discrimination' which describes the means by which people protect themselves by selection, 'racism' we all know this one, as we all know 'homophobia'....'holocaust' has been usurped for the jew.

Unfortunately our people are not as enlightened nor receptive to our altruism, they are in the main, selfish cowards, it is they who are to blame for the twisted world we now live in.

It begs the question, are our people worthy of saving? Or is our fight one of saving them from themselves?!

Anonymous said...

"Ukrainians, Irish, Bengalis, Armenians, Germans and Palestinians: second class one and all!"

Every people/race are second-class in the eyes of the Chosen Ones and their puppets...

Anonymous said...

Sadly, many people don't even want to know nor acknowledge the many deaths and suffering of Poles.
I have been commenting of certain sites to make some people aware but to them the Poles are still second class citizens. They even express hateful messages and praise Hitler for his actions in regards to Poles and their country.
Why blaming the Poles for the WW2?

Are these people mentally unstable?

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