Thursday, 3 November 2011

MP Calls for War Crimes Investigation into Libyan Rebels

From Killing Libyans to Cuddling a Dog. Ahh.
A Scottish MP has called for War Crimes Trials over the illegal actions and criminal gangster tactics of the "National Transitional Council" rebel troops in Libya.

Thomas Docherty MP, a member of the House of Commons defence select committee, has - according to a report in The Scotsman - "written to the Foreign Secretary William Hague challenging the UK government to ensure a full, impartial and credible investigation takes place."

He cited the killing of PoWs in Sirte, the city destroyed by NATO planes and rebel troops, after NATO was sent in to (don't laugh) "defend Libyan civilians." He might ask that the torture of military and civilian prisoners and the mass-rapes that occurred in Tripoli by the 'gallant forces of democracy' (sic) also be seriously looked into also.

Speaking of war criminals, the last Tornadoes flew back to Britain from their bases in Italy from where they had been attacking loyalist cities such as Sirte and Tripoli, all in the name of "defending civilians" of course! Quite how one stops civilians being killed in Benghazi by killing civilians in Sirte is anyone's guess! I guess it all depends on whether those civilians were loyal to Libya, or the Rothschild/Islamic cabal, or not.


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