Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tesco Drops Cancer Charity To Fund Homosexual Rally

From Integrity and Action Blog:

Tesco drops sponsorship of cancer research to fund London Gay Pride

By Deacon Nick, on November 9th,2011

The Tesco supermarket chain has ended its ten year partnership with Cancer Research to join Smirnoff Vodka as the headline sponsors of London gay pride.

Before looking at the details of Tesco’s sponsorship of London Gay Pride lets look at some basic facts –Tesco has stopped funding research into the treatment and cure of cancers that effects 1 in 3 people in the UK to sponsor a two day gay jamboree that directly effects 1.5% of the UK population.

Marketing Week reports:

‘Tesco has signed a deal to become a major sponsor of London Pride,the UK’s largest gay festival,as it outlines plans to host its biggest ever event in the capital.

Tesco will also host a family area designed to provide families attending the event with a ‘safe,relaxed and chilled out’ place with family-friendly entertainment and activities aimed at younger children.

The supermarket will also contribute to funding the free-to-attend event,which is organised by volunteers.

Tesco joins Smirnoff as headline sponsor for the annual event and builds on Tesco’s presence at the 2011 festival.

The news comes shortly after Tesco ended its 10-year partnership with Cancer Research’s Race for Life fundraising event.

Pride London is already the largest Gay Pride event in the UK and it is extending its carnival route and adding a second day to the festival for 2012,when it will host the global festival WorldPride 2012.

Andrew Higginson,CEO of retailing services at Tesco,says,“Tesco is the UK’s largest private employer,and a very diverse international organisation where everybody is welcome. Our Out at Tesco team will be working closely with Pride London to ensure next year’s event is even more fun.”

Francis Philips of The Catholic Herald writes:

‘Why on earth is Tesco promoting an event like this? Tesco is a supermarket;its remit has been to sell good-quality food and other items at very reasonable prices,and in this it has been hugely successful.

Why has it now aligned itself with an aggressive political organisation such as Pride London? Why has it given up its sponsorship of Cancer Research? Or at least,if it has given up this sponsorship,why hasn’t it taken up with another mainstream charity such as the British Legion or Age UK? There are thousands of ex-servicemen and wounded soldiers needing help in this country,and millions of elderly people in danger of neglect. They are a fundamental part of the fabric of our society – the kind of fabric that Tesco should be reflecting.Why,why,why?’

David Skinner of Anglican Mainstream wrote to Andrew Higginson and Philip Clarke,the CEO,in protest.

“I understand… that Tesco is sponsoring London Pride and setting aside ‘family areas as safe places where children can go’. For Tesco to sponsor a tiny homosexual minority (according to the Office for National Statistics) that amounts to little more than one per cent of the population…[it] will be showing the utmost contempt for a large proportion of British society that still adheres,more or less,to the morality and values of the Ten Commandments.”

Apparently he received a stock response to this,merely saying that Tesco’s is “inclusive” and that “everyone is welcome”.

He now urges as many people as possible to write direct to:

Sir Richard Broadbent,Chairman,Tesco PLC,
New Tesco House,
Delamere Road,
Cheshunt,Herts EN8 9SL


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Tesco: 'Every Little Helps' (yeah helps spread AIDS)

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aww...did you get a little wood?

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