Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sepp Blatter, Racism in Football and Degenerate Druggies

Never mind 'Kick Racism Out of Football' what about a campaign to kick druggies, rapists and degenerates out of football.

A bunch of overpaid prima donnas swan about the pitches on wages each week that most spectators (those who can afford the inflated ticket prices) can only dream of as an annual wage.

Are they saying WHITE is beautiful?
Meanwhile, these 'heroes' of so many schoolkids go about on the pitch 'effing and blinding' using choice words of a lady's anatomy, pouring abuse on refs with little or no control by any authority.

Compare that the rugby world where no dissent is tolerated and the men who put the feeble, whinging, whining Premier League top-earners to shame, do what they are told, obey the rules and even a slight talk-back to the ref results in a penalty or a sin-binning.

All the money wasted on pc anti-racist mumbo-jumbo, hasn't stopped all the drug-taking, girl-raping, foul-mouthed, prissy behaviour of a bunch of over-paid jerks.

And they want us to think that this bunch of wife-cheating, coke-snorting, Tourette's soundalikes can teach us about being all "moral" just because some are black and some are white? Sheesh.
Following the example of his heroes

Meanwhile the head of FIFA is a corrupt dictator, like a Third World despot shoving bulging brown envelopes in his pockets so fast the $100 notes are floating about his shoes, and we are supposed to demand his resignation because he thinks some degenerates cussing who may also thrown in the word "black" should apologise and that be an end to it?

The modern world is topsy turvey. Corruption, greed, cronysim, drugs, abuse, dissension... all and more and we are all supposed to treat these people like national heroes?

Yet throw in an allegation of "racism" and.... whoa! The whole world falls apart.

Talk about beam me up Scotty.


Rufus said...

This is very true. How often do we see some vapid bimbo on the arm of a loutish 'footie' player? It tends to be blonde bimbos and Black men too. The message is obvioius - young women, to be successful you must be a make-up and fashion obsessed dimwit, and as the Slobs in Harry Enfield would have it, you must have a 'brahn baby'! Sadly this genocidal multi-culti sickness which is pumped out by the Establishment media, seem to be working.

On a totally fifferent issue, I tried to visit the Political Soldier shop, with a view to linking to it from my own blog, and from the new forum. Has the link been taken down, and is this a permanent or temporary measure? I can't access it at all.

Final Conflict said...

Hi - the shop is down at the moment. We have some techies looking into it and hope to get it resolved soon. Many thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

If you were to kick druggies, rapists and degenerates out of football you would be kicking blacks out of football and that's racist!

Anonymous said...

Warnock has called for blacks to boycott football, let's all support him in this by posing as anti-wacists.

Also, is it not very telling that with all the campaigning by FIFA/football the only one worth campaigning on and would highlight were the basic 'problems' lie is ignored, that is a 'kick GREED out of football!'

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