Sunday, 6 November 2011

From Levy to Rosenfeld: Labour Do Not Represent British Workers

Spot the Spiv
  • Who exactly is the "Swiss based" Mr Rosenfeld?
  • What is his background?
  • Where do his loyalties lie?
  • Why does he give mega-bucks to Labour? Cui bono?
  • Like the Werrity/Fox backers - is their a Mossad/Israeli angle?
  • Is Labour wise to appoint him as head fundraiser after the media implied his involvement in Lord Levy's 'Cash For Honours' scandal?
  • Why did Labour accept his cash after the Tories rejected it?
  • Does British politics need another shady "ex" tax-exile running things?
  • Does Mr Miliband's ethnic background cloud his judgement?
With Mr Miliband taking the role of "chief opponent" to the Tories, the cuts, and seeking to air discontent over the banking swindle etc., this clearly shows (as if we didn't know better already!) that Miliband's Labour will be no different and subject to the same vested interests as the pro-banking, pro-Israeli Tory Party.

From Levy, to Werrity to Rosenfeld: why are the political parties in the pockets of the same Zionist vested interests? What exactly is Mr Rosenfeld buying? And for whom?

Mirror's politics-man "sceptical"
Daily Mail Investigation
Rosenfeld in Lord Levy's Cash-For-Honours Row
Rosenfeld Appointed Chief Fundraiser


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