Friday, 4 November 2011

Time for White Nationalists to Fight Back - Against the Masonic Powers

Many "white nationalists" will sneer at blacks and Muslims. But I tell you what, if so many white Christian patriots were as honest and forthright as some of the patriots from those cultures - we would have won already! Not to mention the way other races help each other out, or the number of children they have! We think we are so "superior" yet we can't even hang on to what we have got, defend our traditions, keep our homelands for ourselves...

Do we accept a Oriental looking down on us? No. Yet they are probably "more academic."

Do we accept a Jew looking down on us? Hell, no. Yet they are certainly more educated in laws and suchlike.

Do we accept a Pakistani looking down on us? Dear God, no. Yet they put family first, have large families, push their children to get educational achievements and help out each others' businesses.

I believe in racial separation. Not because I think my people are any worse or better than any other (I have enough common sense to know we may be better than some, and may be worse than some, in various aspects, but that's academic). No, I simply love my people, my nation, my race. It is perfectly natural. I fully accept that other peoples in other races will feel likewise. It is as natural as the air we breathe.

I do not hate others. I loathe those criminals, from any races, whether they be the predominantly black muggers or the predominantly white paedophiles, the shyster lawyers and banksters or the ASBO louts wrecking estates; we need to put aside all political correctness and come down hard on such degenerates, for the betterment of all peoples.

It is my sincere belief that mass migration of peoples has had a hugely detrimental effect on society. This can be solved by resettling peoples into their own homelands (if necessary with financial support and so on). Is it a mere coincidence that mass immigration has coincided with the loss of faith in the UK? Certainly the 'creation' of a multi-cult mess has been used by the red atheist commissars (who push for more immigration) to force through a sickening secularism that suffocates us all and destroys much of our heritage and traditions. It seems that the politicians who defend this "enriching diversity" choose to live in white enclaves, where the only immigrants they see is their au pair and perhaps the waiters at the restaurants they frequent.

Anyway, let us return to the nationalists and patriots from other races, those who fight for their own people and not to subjugate their neighbours. I believe it was GK Chesterton who once said that a patriot fights for his people, whereas an imperialist fights to put others down. The arch imperialists of today are obviously the Zionists (in Israel, America and Britain) out to impose their distorted worldview on everyone, by guise or war, bribery or threat.

There are some Islamicists who try to ape Zionist means (in a not so subtle way) but most of those are Mossad/CIA led puppets anyway, creating the bogeyman that the Zionists need to keep the sheep backing their never ending "war on terror" (sic).

Yet what happens to the nationalists who stand up against the "New World Order" (new name for an old enemy)? Invariably the NWO declares war on them. This may be financial, it may be character assassination, but when they get the chance (or if the nationalist poses a threat to their power) they move in for the kill.

One thinks of Nasser in Egypt, Saddam in Iraq, the WW2 "fascist" powers, even Blanco in Fascist Spain in the 70s. To a lesser extent one might even (at a stretch!) put JFK in there, if only because he threatened the military-industrial might of America.

Nationalists in Britain need to wake up. Back in the 80s when the NF said Gaddafy was a 'good man' all too many were waiting to boo and jeer (doubtless egged on by same paid-up assets). "He's a wog/lefty/Marxist" were some of the base comments.

As today we get the old 'terrorist' canard flung, when Pan Am, the German disco and WPC Fletcher are hardly cut and dried cases. Even his giving explosives to the IRA, though a mistake, is kind of understandable when you see that Libya was being attacked by the British left, right and centre. We even funded "Islamicists" to try and kill him - which resulted in innocent bystanders dying. Are we surprised then that Libya chose to "hit back" using those that told him they would "bomb Britain?" They were wrong (two wrongs never make a right) but it is almost understandable.

Imagine if Gaddafy had funded 'Muslim extremists' to kill a British PM, which killed innocents. The UK/NATO etc. would have levelled Libya! Or imagine Libyan jets had bombed the US President's home (on a flimsy pretext) and killed one of his family?

Who are the terrorists?

Ask yourself how many Iraqis died after America illegally invaded that country, partly as revenge for Saddam daring to fire Scud rockets at Israel years before. yet America is all about democracy and freedom right? And Iran is all about hate and evil? Who has Iran killed? How many? Sure they hang terrorists, homosexuals etc. as part of their justice system - but have they invaded other countries like America? Have they napalmed villages as in the 60s? Dropped Uranium weapons on European soil as in the 90s? Brought a firestorm holocaust to at least two European cities as in the 40s? Or illegally invaded a country resulting in many tens of thousands of innocent civilians dying, as in this decade?

Freedom? Democracy? Cheap buzzwords bandied by media puppets and gullible idiots to disguise a Masonic regime drunk on power and out to destroy anyone who may stand up to that power, now known to be overwhelmingly Zionist.

Watch this first video on Gaddafy. It is a bit schmaltzy in parts (dig those groovy beats baby), some of the language is a bit too Muslim for my tastes, and even Nelson Mandela gets a look-in. But look beyond all that. Look at what the man did. He freed his country from foreign army bases. He gave his people freedom from usury-debt. He gave his people free education and healthcare. He gave his people cheap/accessible housing, work, land, education and healthcare.

As for his Islam, it was a product of his birth. If there is a fault it is with those who apostatised hundreds of years ago or were forced to convert by the sword. One cannot blame most Arabs for being born Muslim anymore than one can blame most Indians for being born Hindus. What excuse to our compatriots have who worship at shopping malls on a Sunday, whose idea of a pilgrimage is to Ibiza or whose idea of a Saint is Stephen Lawrence? We point the finger so readily at others, yet it all seems so "splinter versus log" sometimes.

Meanwhile, in "civilised" America so many people have lost their homes, jobs, land. So many people have little or no healthcare. Many people have a shoddy or worthless education. Let's not even mention the crime, drugs, gangs etc.

Land of the Free eh? Free to lose their jobs and homes whilst their government taxes them to pay the usurers' interest! Freedom seems all about who can afford it, and the biggest cheques will always be written by the bankers.

It is a scandal of gargantuan proportions, and only the controlled media kid most people into thinking otherwise, i.e. that they are really free because they can choose between Masondum and Masondee.

We get freedom. Freedom for our kids to drown in a sea of drugs, crime, porn, violence, debt, job insecurity, third-rate education. But it's all apparently OK cos we get to put a cross in a box every 4 or 5 years when the controlled media tell the vast majority to vote for the Mason with the Blue rosette or the Mason with the Red rosette.

Where are the white, Christian, nationalist voices against this con? Oh we had our day - we used to have heroes, men right across Europe from England to Serbia, from Spain to Sweden, from France to Poland - men who defended Christian traditions, men who exposed Communism for the sterile hatred it was, men who exposed Capitalism for the slavery it is.

Where are that breed of well-educated, thoughtful, forthright and brave men today? "Our" people are too busy excusing homosexuals, playing footsie with Zionists, pushing a kosher-liberal agenda to "fight the muzzies" and win the Eastenders-watching generation.

We may not agree with everything they have said, and everything they have done - but people like Gaddafy and Farrakhan ("bloody wogs" tm) at least have the strength to name names and defend their people, to expose the debt swindle, to point at the Zionists as the enemies of civilisation.

What nationalist leader in Europe or the UK would dare to stand before the media's cameras and chide them for hiding the Truth? Who would dare say to them that the people who control banking also control the media! It takes someone like Farrakhan to do it. Oh there have been brave Whites in America too (one thinks of people like Joe Sobran, Michael Hoffman, David Duke and Michael Piper Collins), but where are our political leaders in Europe? More specifically in the UK?

Let's see Farrakhan tearing a strip from the media. The words 'pearls before swine' spring to mind. "You don't know what it's like to be a free white person" - Amen to that! Watch the dumb goy look on.

The enemies of civilisation know their power is crumbling. The terrible crimes of the bankers, the politicians, the media. The scandals of the needless wars. The crumbling of the Euro. The debt slavery of America.

Yet here we are, with a complicit media talking about Greece, about pensions in the UK, about fat cat's bonuses rising,without dissecting the real level of debt or our unending slavery to the banks. They waffle on about this and that, about crusties sitting outside St Paul's Cathedral, about that Cathedral being shut for the first time since 1942, about rising fuel bills and all the rest of it - but the boil is never lanced. They dance around the edge of the problem, never daring to wade in and get amongst the dirt and grime.

Meanwhile we are supposed to be thrilled that our planes were used to level Sirte, to provide cover to the rapers of Tripoli's women and that usury-free Libya will now be "democratic."

God help the Libyans, if they get even half the problems America has today they will be begging for the return of Gaddafy, even with his faults. Yet, America - mired in debt, terror and corruption - was behind the destruction of Libya:

People in this country are sick and tired. Sick and tired of lies and half-truths. Sick and tired of political correctness. Sick and tired of the pigs at the trough. Sick and tired of the working man being taxed to the hilt to pay for the millionaires. Sick and tired of needless foreign adventures. Sick and tired of corruption covered up again and again. Sick and tired of MPs who put the interests of oligarchs and the powerful ahead of us.

The house of cards is shaking.

Communism has failed. Capitalism is failing. Where is the Nationalist Alternative?!!! Whilst this goes on and the whole system stinks, the main (whether we like it or most likely do not!) "nationalist" party, the BNP, is still waffling on about Muslim gangs grooming white girls in English cities.

Now I'm not saying that's not a terrible thing that should be stamped out, but so is heroin addiction across our white communities. So is mugging in our inner cities. So  are guns and knives being used against the young. So are the never end stream of paedos that seem to pop up everywhere.

But these are symptoms!!! They are mere symptoms of a sick, corrupt and degenerate post-Christian society that is crying out for sane economics, sane politics and sane morality.

We have a duty to defend the Truth. This was once a Christian land. Christ said "the Truth will set you free" and in this world where a miasma of lies, the smoke and mirrors of the controlled media, where war, fear of war and rumours of war are meant to keep us in our place -- we all have a duty to speak out, name names, and defend the Truth.

We need nationalists. We need patriots.

If we do not present a valid alternative to the system as it crumbles, they will cobble together some half-baked get out clause and things will worsen and worsen. We, and all the peoples of the world, will face a slow agonising death.

The Communists have no answers,. No-one is interested in collectivisation. People want freedom, they believe in the family, they want work. The media with its 'talking head' experts tries to convince us that White is Black and Black is White. The Agony Aunts of 101 themes spout their Neo-Liberal 60s crap to tell us that homos can get married, that families can manage without dads, that "human rights" are vital in schools where lawlessness reigns and when most of the children are frightened of the walk home, that drugs are just fine and dandy -- but smacking a naughty child is  a heinous crime deserving of a custodial punishment and putting the child into a 'secure environment' (like the council homes where paedophilia, prostitution, drugs and alcohol addiction are rife).

We must present an answer to all this insanity. The banking crisis. The moral mess. The endemic crime. The corruption in the media, politics and economics.

People are crying out for answers. They can see that everything is a dreadful mess.

Do we, as white, Christian patriots have the courage to stand our ground, face down the enemy, and educate and defend our people in this hour of need? Or will we all wave our little Union Jacks, moan about Muslims, down our beers and moan about "the Pakis having huge families" and read the emails saying "donate now to save Britain" a dozen times sent out by some grubby, shyster-politician out to line his pockets?

One road leads to struggle and freedom, the other leads to obscurity, defeat and the mentality of the bunker.


Anonymous said...

From your very first paragraph you seem to miss the point that blacks and asians, muslims etc. are not stifled but in fact are encouraged via such practice as auto-suggestion which breed their feeling of injustice/discrimination/prejudice etc. etc. AT THE HAND OF THE WHITE MAN!

Come on, you know that Trotsky created 'racism' as a means to destroy the White Race, it was and still is, to be used only as a means to attack the Whites in favour of muds.

I have enough of a brain and intelligence to have worked out how 'things work' and I have not looked to any other than my own kind for further information regards this.

You also well know, that the yiddlers have their hand in many a pie, and the Nation of Islam is one such pie, there will be some 'uppity blacks' who may fight against the tide, but if they control them they can be manipulated as a safety-valve, Farrakhan has not been permitted to spout his views for so long without good reason!

Final Conflict said...

You raise some valid points, but white nationalists need to be intelligent, stop slagging off those who are fighting the same enemy, and MOREOVER, have the guts to say it like it is: the bankers, media and politicians are operating a cabal agaainst the Common Good of the peoples of these isles.

People know something is wrong - it is up to us to state clearly WHAT is wrong, and put the puzzle pieces together for them.

Then well meaning but liberal whites like the Occupy people MAY [at least a few of them] open their eyes to the whole Rothschild-Masonic puppet-master thing.

What gets me cross is when black and arab nationaluists but 2 and 2 together, yet the BNP in this country still go on and on and on about Muslim grooming gangs!

There is a bigger picture out there that is wrecking lives. People will lose more jobs and homes if the situation worsens.

Nationalists should be shiouting from the rooftops and putting our socio-economic answers out there, not Capitalism-lite, not moth-eaten Bolshevism, not Anarcho-pipe dreams.

Still... if "we" keep banging on about Muslims "we" might get some crumbs from the top table...

The other day NG was celebrating coming third in a Leics County Council election.


Anonymous said...

FC, we are more than aware of who the real enemy is, and niggers are not 'fighting the same forces as us' they are the shock troop of the Elders.

Niggers without their jew masters is like an omlette without eggs!

Anonymous said...

that's like saying whites in cities on a saturday night are all drunken drugged up scum or prostitue lookalikes, therefore all whites are.

racial separatists who are anti-zionist can hardly be equated with the drug gangs and muggers. Especially when we are talking about blacks and arabs in other countries anyway.

Besides which, even if your sweeping statement were true, isnt the idea of turning coloureds against the Zionists [it's happened in America] something worth doing?

As for the Arabs - many of them are more clued up on the Talmud etc. then many so-called white patriots, who still worship the golden calf of the 6 million.

Anonymous said...

the point is that Whites have been targetted specifically via positive discrimination, race quotas, being hounded as racists, homophobes.... this state of affairs are ALL aimed at the Whites and no other race be it nigger or Arab.

As a White racialist my one and only concern is my own and I couldn't give two fucks about others as they would us.

The 'we are all fighting zionists' argument is nonsense, not all jews are zionists and zionists are merely supporting the agenda of their Talmudic cohorts but, they are also expendable in persuit of the Elders' agenda.

Final Conflict said...

I nearly deleted that reply. Please drop the foul language. It only detracts from your argument.

I think to dismiss other peoples, in their own countries [and America] who fight the Zionists is a mistake.

The real enemy wll divide and conquer, whereas a tidal wave of peoples fighting the Zionists and their per bankers, politicians and media - can only be good for everyone, including the Whites of England and the Celtic nations.

Anonymous said...

America is a White land. The niggers ought to be grateful that they are there and not back in their wonderful African homeland, they may well sing Africa's praises etc. but they aren't so stupid as to want to actively seek the means to return there!

Rufus said...

This is an excellent article which deals with a lot of issues which the majority of the patriotic community ignore to their peril.

In the UK, party after party has been formed, with the official policy to halt immigration and return the nation to the status quo.

The question as to why the immigrants were invited into the country in the first place is seldom addressed. If the immigrants were to magically leave the UK, the same Establishment would be in place, and the same economic hardships would be inflicted on the people.

Alleged patriotic parties focus on the symptoms of the malaise of internationalism, whilst telling their members that there is no problem in the host nation. This is lunacy.

It is quite shocking to see the comments by anonymous respondents who insist on using childish abuse, and have not taken the time to consider the economic and social factors which are vital to freeing Europe and indeed every part of the world from the internationalist menace.

The EDL mentality that the 'muzzies' are to blame for everything, is just another aspect of the Establishment game of targeting sections of the population, whilst protecting themselves. Zionists (of the Jewish variety as well as the non-Jewish collaborators) are the real problem.

I note the repetition of the Hamitic Myth. Are these commentors really patriots, or agents provocateur trying to tarnish sensible realistic nationalism, by leaving their educationally sub-normal sewer-level comments on a posting which is a must read for sincere patriots who have a genuine desire to help our people, and by extension, all people?

Bravo for keeping the real alternative alive. The ne'er do wells may leave their Talmudic comments, but they only shew their lack of understanding thereby. A socially aware non-European has the potentail to help us in our common struggle. A brain-washed Establishment-loving drone who sees the enemy in black and white (pun intended) is no help whatsoever.

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