Saturday, 5 November 2011

Liberals Want Blasphemy - French Students Say Non

Bravo to the Thought and Action blog for publicising the French Catholics who are fighting against the Marxist/Talmudic filth attacking Christ.

It's interesting that the Muslims are supporting the Catholic students - even though they know that the students want France to be 100% Christian. It is the usual Judeo-Masonic forces that approve of attacks on our traditions (remember Jerry Springer the Musical?) especially because they hold Christ in utter contempt.

Isn't it amazing that we are supposed to allow all manner of filth in the name of 'free speech' and yet as soon as someone suggest that, for example, homosexuality is an evil, or that multi-racism is wrong -- they face arrest, the sack, and the hatred of those who claim to be liberals.

GK Chesterton said that in a topsy turvey society the traditionalist is revolutionary, and so it is today. Those who sculpt "art" out of faeces get polite applause from media luvees, those who say England should be Christian and, er, English - face blind hatred.

C'est la guerre.


Anonymous said...

there is no surprise from most European nationalists that muslims support Christians, JC is a very important figure to them to, admittedly they consider him as a Disciple of Mohammed though!

Muslim by the way does NOT mean RACE, it is a RELIGION, there are nigger Christians are there not?

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