Friday, 28 October 2011

The French Front National Surrenders to Freemasonry

Nationalism loses before it's even begun!

Ru Tube video

Why do political parties have to become Masonic in order to get even the crumbs from the top table?

As the young reporter Leon Degrelle - aka Tintin - might have uncovered in the interwar years, democracy is rule by a shadowy oligarchy in which all the main players have to surrender to their worldview.

We live in an oligarchy, a Masonic oligarchy.


Anonymous said...

France? Freemasons?

....oh the irony!

Gadaffi has shown what happens when you play with the Talmuds!

Nationalist from Scotland said...

Dear FC

I cannot get onto your shop site. Is it down? Or is my ISP just blocking it? Or is some other more sinister force at it???

Final Conflict said...

it is down. We are trying to fix it...

Anonymous said...


Thought you would be over here in the 'city of dogshit' with your SSPX colleagues letting the marxist scum know that supporting blasphemy against our Lord Jesus Christ would not be permitted.

Final Conflict said...

You make various assumptions.

1. I work for a living. Ipso facto I cannot flit about to support causes, whether it be the rent-a-tent mob or those defending Christ's honour.

2. To my knowledge - and I await your clarification - that the SSPX is a priestly order. As I am not a priest I don't see how the SSPX can be my 'colleagues.

having said all that I have seen some of the reports and it is right and just that the people of paris take these actions. The French act whilst all too often we "Brits" tut tut.

So I wish the French patriots and Christians every success. Do feel free to appraiose us all of their endeavours and activities.

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