Sunday, 6 January 2008

Mark Collett: Remember Wayne Ashcroft

Wayne Ashcroft rose through the ranks of the quite moribund National Front and came to the attention of the then BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Above Right: Wayne "Gas 'Em All" Ashcroft publicly embarrassed all Nationalists when exposed on national TV, on the Cook Report. Is history repeating itself?

Above Left: Once Griffin's idea of a future leader, Wayne (now George) Ashcroft dumped all his files with a leftie and is now an "anti-racist" Tory Councillor.

Some of you will remember that Nick publicly declared that Wayne Ashcroft was a future leader of the BNP - though at the time (so he said, so can we believe it?) Nick was envisaging some kind of merger to create the 'British National Front.'

So what happened to the "great white hope" Wayne Ashcroft?

The paperwork, correspondence etc. gathered by Ashcroft is now deposited at Warwick University, the (ex?) location of one Dr. Larry O'Hara - anti-fascist researcher.

See the first link below, especially:

" MSS.412/WA/3/1 Correspondence 1995-1998

contains a series of letters between Ashcroft and Nick Griffin about forging links between the British National Party and the National Front to create a united nationalist approach in future. See also MSS.412/HQ/3/2.

MSS.412/BNP/3 Administrative papers 1995-1998

MSS.412/BNP/3/1 Papers relating to British National Party Headquarters 1995-1998

contains members' bulletins, correspondence, manifestos and constitution.

MSS.412/BNP/3/2 Papers relating to British National Party (West Midlands Region) 1995-1998

contains dates and venues for meetings, and a leaflet relating to the Holocaust."

Given Mark Collett's public threat to turn Queen's Evidence should Nick turn against him (all the more relevant given the 'Enough is Enough' rebellion) can we expect a new archive at Warwick any time soon?

NB: In the second link below Wayne Ashcroft, now renamed George Ashcroft says he is "deeply ashamed" of his past and he has subsequently condemned racism out of hand describing it as "vicious and pernicious."

So we turn to the next 'Great White Hope' to wonder when the next protege will rebel and defect.

Warwick University's Wayne Ashcroft Archives

Tory Ashcroft condemns racism

Cllr George "Gas em All" Ashcroft (nee Wayne) home-page


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