Thursday, 10 January 2008

Nuclear is Green and George Dubya Wants Peace (Ha Ha Ha)

So, as FC and others predicted so long ago, this corrupt, crony-filled, money-grubbing government, on the back of so much "global warming" B.S., is pushing through the building of more nuclear powers stations.

Above Left: Blinky says that nuclear power is perfectly environmental, safe and green! Sleep safe and sound children - our politicians know what's best.

Let's see... So now that which threatens our gene pool, which could pollute the land for thousands of years, is now "green" eh?

That's how cock-eyed this whole "global warming" con is.

A bunch of fat-cats will make billions out of these power stations (built nowhere near Islington) and we will be mopping up the aftermath for hundreds of years.

I have never supported nuclear power, and even back in the ("Bulldog") NF of the 1980s a friend who was pro-NF was also a CND member, and I often chatted to him about it. I saw no great challenge in him being in CND and becoming a NF member.

Right: Any nuclear leaks from the planned power stations will infest our land for generations. On visiting the beach at Dounereay in Northern Scotland I saw with my own eyes the signs warning about "hotspots" from minute leaked nuclear particles. The beach at that beautiful spot will probably be hazardous for hundreds of years. How green!

Of course, at the time the NF was promoting alternative power as a clean way of producing power.

Meanwhile, back in 2008, we find out that the old light bulbs are being "phased out" to be replaced by what's akin to strip lighting, with all the medical side effects.

As someone who worked in a warehouse with nothing but strip lighting, I know that this has side-effects. Very often, coming out of that environment into daylight was like emerging from a heavily chlorinated swimming pool in that your eyes stung and you felt tired and even a little woozy.

Left: A nuclear disaster would be oh-so-green.

So God bless Gordon Brown and his acolytes.

Keep on conning us all, keep on fighting Zionist wars, keep on propping up a failing banking system... no doubt a lovely sinecure awaits, just like Tony Blair at JP Morgan Chase or Norman Lamont at Rothschilds (etc. ad nauseum).

The more you look at the bigger picture (27% fuel price hikes after shareholders get 60% dividends) the more you realise that we are, in all reality, treated as cattle.

Capitalism is a con trick.

Ever since our people were forced off the land, the land was enclosed, our forefathers were put in factories, down pits etc. etc. we have been treated as cattle.

Right: Blair trousers £0.5 Million a year from the Wall Street brigade as the nightmare in Iraq lingers on. Meanwhile his pal Bush joins him in the Middle East to plan for "Peace." Yes, the Zionist warmongers have (another) "peace plan" - don't all cheer at once!

As I've said before, it's the difference in seeing your compatriots as made in the image of God or as cogs in a machine to be used and replaced.

It was that Capitalist mentality that gave the green light to mass immigration (cheap wages "helps the economy" dontcha know!) and doesn't care about scandals such as homosexuality ("they have more money" dontcha know!) or abortion ("makes money and its freedom-of-choice" dontcha know!).

Still, why be so cynical.

After all, George "Yo Blair" Dubya is in Occupied Palestine planning peace with his Zionist hosts.

All's well with the world (stop crying/laughing).

Left: Cartoon showing Blair's financial corruption as Labour Party boss.

Blair Trousers £500,000 p.a. for Treachery

More than 30 pieces of silver, but the principle is the same.

Nuclear Power Stations Get the Go-Ahead
Iranians are asking the UN to level sanctions against a proven war monger.


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