Friday, 11 January 2008

Where Betrayal Means Profits!

Politics is a dirty business. Why do you think people think of politicians as they do prostitutes or ambulance-chasing solicitors?

Right: A typical politician, Mr. Hain has jettisoned any convictions he once held in order to get his snout in the trough.

Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton (GKC's brother) wrote all about many decades ago, about how the system works, how it promotes sycophants, how it curbs anyone who may start off wishing to "change things for the better" or who seeks what is right, as opposed to what party whips dictate.

Of course the media has a huge role - much more so even than in their day: who can hope to be a Prime Minister without first attending a private audience with His Smuttiness Rupert Murdoch.

basically between the party structures, the media, the business backers and the Trade Union bosses the system is pretty much sewn up. Throw in the old school tie brigade (how can you ignore it - how many MPs are ex-public school boys as well as trained lawyers?) and you have it.

Left: Obama promises change, yet he has already sidled up to the same old vested interests and is unlikely to rock the boat once in power.

It's not a big "Jewish conspiracy" - though again how can anyone ignore the role of Freemasonry, and on the upper echelons you have groups like the Bilderbergers and the sheer power of international banking cartels - this is a multi-faceted, often conflicting, hydra.

There is a constant internal battle for the upper hand in the constituent parts which is also played out in the left-right dichotomy which we all, pushed on by the media, take part in.

However, this world of turmoil is, (whilst being haphazard and open to all kinds of upsets) pretty much sealed off from the rest of us.

A political class sits at the top table and unless they try and do something good which upsets the media, the banks etc. they will sit there playing out their role. Those with a rebellious edge will have it whittled away especially if they want to feed at the trough and/or further their career.

Look at Peter Hain. A "radical" leftist in the 70s, anti-apartheid activist not afraid to take 'direct action' against South African interests, even sporting events.

You might not agree with his cause (unless you are a lefty spy peering in on FC in order to get some decent political thought away from moribund Marxism!), but at least you could say he believed in something and was prepared to get up of his duff (for American readers!) to achieve his questionable ends.

We can argue whether someone who does something political, no matter how misguided, is preferable to the mindless morons who feed off a diet of Eastenders, The Sun and Big Brother reality TV.

Yet look at Hain today and you see someone mired in New Labour betrayals, an apologist for the war in Iraq, and now someone embroiled in dodgy donations as he sought to win a place in the Labour leadership.

Where is the idealist? Where is the anti-establishment rebel? Where is the direct action agitator?

He's replaced by a bloated, perma-tanned, weaselly, mealy-mouthed, Capitalist apologist, war-mongering, Blair-crony New Labour creature foisted on an "old Labour" electorate in Neath, South Wales.

Right: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer politics is alive and well in the land of the pregnant chad.

The former may not be to our liking as racial nationalists, but how much more preferable (for his honesty if nothing else) than the canape-munching career politician we see today who has sought to excuse every New Labour betrayal and sell-out.

An apologist for sell-out, betrayal of ideals, money-grubbing and a cover-up supremo is never liked, no matter his political hue.

Still, though he was sufficiently disliked by his fellow MPs to flop badly in his bid to be Labour Deputy Leader, he knows that he won't lose his seat. Neath is one of those places where you could stick a red rosette on a monkey and they'd vote him in (no offence to any residents of Hartlepool!); the same could be said of areas like Kensington & Chelsea where a Peugeot 207 in a blue finish could get in for the Tories.

The cattle vote to keep "the other lot out" more than they do for any one or two policies of their preferred candidate.

Even worse, many people (when they can be turned away from Eastenders) now cast their vote for the best-looking politician, or the one who is spun as honest.

Left: If voting changed anything they'd ban it.

Remember Tony Blair? He started an illegal war, espoused Christian values whilst continually passing laws for "gay rights" and much more - yet with his folksy style (tie less, shirt sleeves rolled up, enjoying a mug of tea in the kitchen...) he insisted he was "a straight kind of guy."

Enough idiots believed the spin to vote him in, again and again.

We, as a mass, are cattle. Do we really deserve any better?

The politicians lie, cheat and steal. They indulge in buggery and adultery. They fill their pockets in office via multiple jobs and expense accounts. They walk into nice advisory roles after their stint in parliament.

Yet at each election we all get suckered into the party political charade.

Look at America.

Look at the meaningless slogans.

Look at the empty promises.

Each one promises things like Change. Or Progress. Maybe they promise to be Different.

Those who promise to Conserve and Protect do neither. Those who promise to be Different are shackled to the same vested interests.

Right: Can the land of the pregnant and hanging chad really teach the world about freedom?

The "competition" is closed to those who can raise enough filthy lucre and get enough TV coverage to "appeal" to the voters.

Yet the morons will still vote to "keep the other lot out" like the pathetic lefties in France who voted for Chirac with their pegs on their noses.

The more moronic still will vote for the one with the nicest smile, or the "honest Harry" with the finest quaffed hair.

We all thought Blair was bad, but remember America voted in Bill Clinton! And the defendant of "stained-dress-gate" (aka zippergate) is still "popular."

(I must point out at this conjecture that I'm keeping my vomit bucket close, just in case...)

America is the leader of the Free World (so we're told) yet we get a war-mongering president (personally I think Arabs should have their own Monroe Doctrine and tell America to keep the hell out) who got in via the hanging-chad and the pregnant-chad via an electorate too idiotic to be able to make a small hole in a sheet of paper!!!

Which explains how Hillary Clinton can pull off the most pathetically stage-managed event of the year (to date) when she peeled an onion in her pocket, blinked back the tears brimming in her eyes and appealed to the electorate.

(Damn, there goes my vomit bucket again!)

Lo and behold the voters of New Hampshire gave her a lifeline, as good old Bill looked on with a glint in his eye. He clapped politely as his wife (still!) smiled on at her sheeple.

Spin, lies, TV appearances, a compliant media (via the moguls) and an incredibly gullible public (to the point of incredulity) are all she needed.

Meet the new boss... same as the old.

Plus ca change...

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