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B&H Responds: Rock Against Griffinism

In this response to Nick Griffin's New Year message (see previous posts) Steve Cartwright of B&H Scotland outlines some uncomfortable home truths in his own immutable and irrefutable style.

Rock Against Griffinism.

New Year’s Message response by Steve Cartwright.

In his New Year Message, the Chairman of the British National Party Nick Griffin, made a wholly unwarranted and unnecessary attack on the Blood and Honour movement. Describing our movement as “...the grim, raucous, counter-productive hatred of the old, neo-Nazi Blood and Honour scene”, he further railed against “...grown men sieg-heiling...” Griffin then goes totally off the rails by boasting about the non-whites in his party and then ridicules what he terms as “14 Words” cultists.

Leaving aside the fact that Griffin would need to sit on Mark Collet’s shoulders just to be able to kiss David Lane’s arse, one may wonder what prompted such an outrage from “One Lamp” Griffin.

Readers must by now know that Griffin is a man under siege within his own Party. The best and most hardworking activists within the BNP have made a stand against Griffin’s Stalin-like purging of those in the Party who have anything about them and who now recognise that the corrupt Griffin is in danger of destroying all the good work the Party has achieved over the last few years.

Nowadays Griffin much prefers to surround himself with Yes Men, kosher flag-wavers and sexual degenerates than serious, racial militants. Over the last month or so Griffin has boasted of bugging activists homes, solicited burglaries and has even falsified documents in order to enable him to slander the “Enough Is Enough Nick” BNP rebels. The fact that some of the BNP rebels may or may not have a Blood and Honour past is now seen by Griffin as reason enough to attack the whole Blood and Honour movement worldwide in general. The clever Griffin also sees the attack as a good way to finally throw off the “Nazi” label that has dragged around behind him like Jacob Marley’s chains over the years.

Right: Nick Griffin and C18 "on the same side"?

The crisis engulfing the BNP hasn’t just happened, it is nothing new. The fact is that the “Enough Is Enough Nick” blog by BNP rebels was a last gasp cry from the heart to try and save the Party.

Over the last few years Griffin has made a headlong flight from genuine Racial Nationalism. He has tried to sell us the theory that the Jew Richardson, the Turk Rustem and the Armenian Sharif were something remotely “white”. He has tolerated homosexuals and other degenerates within the Party.

The suicidal act of miscegenation is no longer frowned upon now in the BNP in the way it once was and this has been highlighted recently when BNP councillor, Richard Barnbrook married a Ballerina with a penchant for sweet and sour porridge and thus inherited a nice multi-kulti family.

Added to all this Griffin has betrayed many of the people who helped get him where he is today in the BNP. People who once called him friend and comrade have been derided as thieves, misfits and more.

In my opinion Griffin is a traitor, a liar and a charlatan. He is the perfect example of power corrupting and absolute power corrupting absolutely. I honestly do believe that Griffin at one time did hold genuine 14 Words beliefs and may to this day still be a “racist” but he much prefers the adoration of ”Little Englander” patriots and the Pound notes that go with that than the insecurity and danger that goes with being a serious and determined racial militant. Hell, I should know as I’m one of the one’s that, to my eternal shame, helped get him there.

Griffin and I”

I first met Nick Griffin in the mid 90’s at his small-holding in Wales. I had travelled down with four comrades, two from Scotland and two from Liverpool. One of my Scot’s comrades “Jim”, who was a National Alliance Organiser at the time, had known Griffin for some time, going back to when they were in the “Gaddafi Front” together.

Jim” regularly sent Griffin tapes of Dr William Pierce’s “American Dissident Voices”. Griffin, who was out in the Nationalist wilderness at the time, had his conscience pricked (he had one back then) when he listened to the ADV tape, “Playing cards on a sinking ship”. Jim told us that Griffin was making positive noises about getting back involved in racial politics again and that he wanted to meet some of the younger militants. This is where we came in.

Our meeting with Griffin went well, he pushed all the right buttons, emphasising militancy as well as paying due respect to the Nationalists and National Socialists of the past. He also spoke of the need to re-package and modernise our beliefs in the hope of reaching the British public. We were certainly impressed with Griffin and not long after, when he began writing for “The Rune” and then joined the BNP, we were happy to have a forward looking, kindred spirit on board.

Griffin’s star rose rapidly in the BNP. When he was targeted by the establishment through “The Cook Report” and the “Rune” trial we reasoned that this was “typical ZOG tactics”.

Griffin and I” - continued.

Griffin helped re-modernise the BNP but at the same time he was keen to keep the hard core militants on his side. In the “Rune” he wrote articles praising the Waffen SS, as well as praising the White Power music scene that he now appears to despise so much. When “Who are the Mind-benders?” was published we thought “Our man” had balls.

When Griffin challenged John Tyndall for the leadership of the BNP he had the whole of Scotland BNP, as well as some 60% of the Party it would turn out, behind him.

Leading up to the leadership contest however people like myself, Scott McLean and Warren Bennett would travel the length of the country to meet up with other pro-Griffin elements within the Party. At one meeting in Leeds Tony MacDonnell, Chris Jackson and Calvin Richards and a few others were able to “deliver” a large part of the country for Griffin. Griffin won the contest and the rest is history so they say.

I will not dwell on the next 8 years or so of Griffin’s leadership other than to say that after a few years I began to see the writing on the wall. I still had regular contact with Griffin, mostly doing one form of Party security or another, but Griffin’s “Political Ju-Jitsu”, as he liked to call it, was making me and others increasingly uncomfortable. It was getting to the point I could hardly look myself in the mirror knowing that “The 14 Words” were being betrayed and that we had been duped by a selfish charlatan.

What I at one time admired in Griffin as a ruthless streak, necessary in all leaders, I now identified as a callous cunning. I have long since parted company with Griffin.

Left: Griffin's chums in the DNSB.

Today I take it as a personal insult that this chancer derides Blood and Honour and makes snide attacks on my friends and comrades. But then I guess we have to make allowances for a man without honour.

I realise I take a great deal of blame for bringing this rat among us but in my defence I hope to list below some of the reason I thought Griffin was a genuine “white man”.

It does not make comfortable reading but I will lay the facts before the reader and you can judge if we were right to think Griffin was such. Or was he simply a confidence trickster who claims he hasn’t had a “nasty Nazi” thought in over a decade and who now claims “They once believed I was one of them ideologically and spiritually”?

Griffin and Highlander Division Blood and Honour Scotland.

From the very first time that I met Nick Griffin he knew full well that I, and others close to me, were militant White Nationalists involved in the Blood and Honour music scene. In fact Griffin went out of his way to cosy up to us knowing that we had a little bit of influence nationwide in the fledgling, post C18 music scene, we also had the “muscle” and we could help generate finance.

I do not describe myself as a National Socialist simply as I do not think I am a good enough, or a disciplined enough human being to describe myself as such. Having said this I have never slunk away from the labels my race’s enemies have tried to stick on me. I’ve been called a neo-Nazi and I am fine with that. I’d rather be called a neo-Nazi than a neo-Conservative, a neo-Bolshevik or a Democrat any day. Nicholas John Griffin knew exactly what he was getting when he worked hand in hand with Blood and Honour Scotland.

Whenever it suited him, Griffin was more than happy to deal with “Highlander” and other White Power groups. Just look at the early RWB festivals where people like John from Nemesis and “Stigger and Sisco” from Warlord played to hundreds of enthusiastic BNP revellers. Let’s also remember the pro-BNP gig in Coventry, attended by Griffin himself, when the young Swedish band Germania and England’s Avalon, among many others, played.

Whenever Blood and Honour Scotland had a gig or a social, sizeable donations were given to Griffin’s BNP. There was never any directive sent down from the Griffin leadership that such monies were to be refused. I guess “neo-Nazi” money was as good as any other money.

An ideal example of the measure of support that “Highlander” gave the BNP is the “Ballads for the new Britain” CD.

In 2002 we held a ballads evening in Armadale, Scotland. John, Stigger and Sisco were playing again. None of the band members took a penny expenses as it was planned that the BNP should benefit fully from that gig. The day after the gig the lads went into a studio and began work on the ballads CD.

Over the next couple of weeks the CD was “tidied up” at the expense of “Highlander” and when the album was near completion a prominent “British Hammerskin” – again working for nothing – did the cover and CD artwork. The only thing the BNP had to do was get Tony Lecomber to print the covers.

The CD hit the stalls at that year’s RWB festival. The sales (and exchanges) from nearly 3000 “Ballads for the new Britain” CD’s allowed the BNP’s “Excalibur” merchandising to get off the ground a lot quicker than anyone in the BNP expected in their wildest dreams.

Nick Griffin has a short memory indeed.

Grown men Sieg-Heiling and THAT photo”.

One of the snidest of One-Lamp’s comments in his New Year Message was to deride B&H supporters as “Grown men Sieg-Heiling”. There is really no need for me to go into at length here why B&H supporters and gig-goers give the traditional open-hand salute. Suffice it to say we all know that it is done (and has been done for close on 30 years) simply as a sign of respect and appreciation for the bands and organisers at these events.

Anyone who has attended an Ian Stuart Memorial concert and took part in the “Minutes silence” for Ian and “Boo” will tell you it is a truly spiritual and respectful occasion.

However, as is always the case with Griffin, nothing is quite as it seems. In recent times it has come to light that Griffin, when it suited him, was partial to throwing the occasional stiff right arm himself.

The revelation that a photo of him doing so at a “Highlander” social in Glasgow exists has got the left-wing and ZOG press in a tizzy, as well as sphincters’ a-twitching at “Chez Gribin”.

The background to this photo is a “Broad Church Meeting” in Govan in August 1996. After the meeting “Highlander” organised a social which was reported in our “Highlander” magazine at the time; “When the meeting was concluded a White Power social followed… A large selection of NS/Racialist literature and CD’s were distributed. The evening was brought to a boisterous end with a highly enjoyable rendition of “Ye Olde Finklestein Song (sometime known as “Perish Judah”) and an equally as passionate “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”.

The reader will note that at no time during this openly “neo-Nazi” event did Griffin (with his “anti-Nazi” credentials in tow) go running off hysterically into the cold Glasgow night.

As was traditional at all Scottish events at the time the “salute” was given and this is where, sadly for the “anti-Nazi” Griffin, the photo, by chance, was taken.

So my advice to Griffin, other than never to come any further north than Gretna Green ever again, is to think carefully the next time he derides “Grown men Sieg-Heiling”.

Strasserite Griffin and the “Martyr For Peace”.

The Chameleon like Griffin used to love talking about National Socialism and again, in the right company, used to frequently claim to be “a Nazi and always will be”.

Although Griffin does draw the line at Hitlerism, he much prefers to call himself a “Strasserite”.

Griffin has also spoken at length of his admiration for people who have been jailed for their beliefs and none more so than Hitler’s Deputy Rudolf Hess.

In August 2003 I had the tremendous honour of addressing the Rudolf Hess memorial march and rally in Wunsiedl. There was sadly only a handful of Brits there. Later whilst discussing the event with the German Organisers I explained the poor British turnout was because the Hess March coincided with the BNP’s RWB Festival. The Germans’ were greatly perturbed that a so-called White Nationalist group would organise an alternative event on the day that one of Europe’s greatest son’s was honoured.

When I returned to the UK I mentioned to Griffin that the Germans were upset about the “disrespectful” clash of dates. Griffin told me he would look into changing the RWB date so that it wouldn’t coincide with the next Hess memorial.

Months later, when the RWB date was announced, it had been changed. Griffin told the kosher Nationalists’ in the BNP that the event was moved as it coincided with the start of the English football season starting and he mentioned something about wanting the event to land on the full moon or something.

Those of us in the know knew the event was moved because Griffin, (now the all-new anti Nazi zealot), for once did the honourable thing and paid respect to Rudolf Hess –The Martyr for Peace.

Griffin and Combat 18.

Griffin’s claim that he is a modern Nationalist, and has been for some time, rings pretty hollow when we examine Griffin’s relationship to C18. If observers look close enough they will see that Griffin has had a pretty free ride off C18, particularly if you compare the pages and pages of anti-Tyndall nonsense that used to appear in C18 magazines like “Thorwould” and “The Order”.

This easy ride was simply down to an “understanding” between Griffin and the leadership of C18.

When I and Blood and Honour Scotland left the C18 and NSA orbit in 1994 I still continued to have cordial relations with some of its leaders’.

Although this was at odds with my association with the “Independent” position adopted by most Blood and Honour groups at that time, it was simply necessary for me as a “fixer” within the wider Nationalist movement, to keep all channels open. Griffin knew I had some contact with Will Browning, the C18 boss. As Griffin’s Rune trial approached he asked me if I could get Will to supply him with some C18 literature and other material. Griffin also wanted a copy of a “World in Action” TV documentary and some documents highlighting Charlie Sargent’s treason.

Griffin and Combat 18 –Continued.

Griffin wanted to show the jury that it was on outrage that he was being prosecuted for the Rune, whilst an exposed ZOG agent like Sargent produced much worse.

Despite the BNP’s proscription of C18 Griffin told me to tell Will that he regarded C18 as being on “the same side” and that he would be eternally grateful (some hope) if he could furnish Griffin with the documents for his defence. Will agreed to help Griffin and within a few days a bumper pack of C18 stuff arrived in Wales. Griffin, phoned me up to confirm the package had arrived safely and to pass on his thanks to C18. Griffin was particularly tickled by the name of the parcel sender –Mr Beast, London.

Some time later some C18 and Chelsea Headhunter lads were up on trial for attacking an IRA apologist march in London. When I mentioned it to Griffin he said he’d like to return C18 the favour.

He told me to tell C18 that if they needed any legal help then they should mention his name to Alexander Baron, who had a bit of a legal brain and who had a bit of court success against Searchlight.

Again I acted as go-between for Griffin and C18. I phoned Baron and explained the situation and told him to expect a call from someone in C18. People in C18 did phone Baron but according to the C18 people he was willing to help but was of little practical use.

All this didn’t really matter as Griffin had returned the favour and there was a firm “understanding” between Nick Griffin and the proscribed, neo-Nazi Terror-machine Combat 18.


I could spend much more time highlighting the treason and contradictions of the two-faced Griffin but in order to help do my bit to save the rain forest and to keep my “carbon footprint” down to a minimum I will close by giving one final example of Griffin’s “memory hole” lying.

In 2005 Nick Griffin dispatched two Scottish BNP security personnel on a fact-finding mission, under ZOG’s radar, to the tremendous and openly National Socialist DNSB in Denmark.

Griffin was again toying with the idea of a radio station and the DNSB’s “Radio Oasis” is a beacon of light in a sea of filth in Europe. I say again because Griffin and I jointly produced a document called “Radio White Europe” over a decade ago outlining plans to set up a pirate radio station for us in Eastern Europe. That was when we thought that the Front National were going to bank roll the whole operation to the sum of 100 grand. Sadly the Front National people turned out to be “The Cook Report” and we were done up like “Arbroath Smokies”. Grant you Griffin did save the day a wee bit by openly denying the “Holohoax” in front of millions of ITV viewers.

Griffin told the Scot’s lads to tell the DNSB the same thing he told me, has no doubt told many of you readers, has told the Blood and Honour movement (when it suited him) and Combat 18;

We are all on the same side”.

Nick Griffin’s New Year Message proves that this is no longer the case, now that we are no longer useful to him and as far as I’m concerned, he and his kosher BNP have crossed over into the ranks of the ZOG opposition.

14 Words,

Steve Cartwright


West London NF said...

I see none of Griffin's glib acolytes have DARED to post comments here attacking Stevie Cartwright.

I wonder why? What are they afraid of?

Blood & Honour Central Div said...

Where are the hardmen of Griffin's charmingly titled Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics. I'll spare the anacronism for Griffin's MEP blushes.

Will the Griffin defenders who Zieg Heil, push drugs and download Muslim porn speak out.

Or will the silence be defeaning?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the G man pimped yall out like bitches.

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