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Simon Darby, Dodgy Addresses & MI5?

With all the furore surrounding the 'Enough is Enough uprising' in the BNP there are some important aspects of this being overlooked.

Right: Councillor Simon Smith has exposed a very interesting and key fact about the No. 2 in the BNP.

Those who've read this blog, and gone onto the Enough is Enough and North West Nationalists blogs (see side panel for links), will know more of what has been happening and the many charges of financial mismanagement (deja vu anyone?) which have now been conjoined by charges of paedophilia, downloading porn, illegal bugging and robbery.

Not great for nationalism per se.

And therein lies the danger. It is all very well for quasi-Neo-Cons, renegade Tories and those busy filling their pockets to claim the BNP is "the only show in town" (the only defence offered for some time - and a poor defence at that) but when it has been burnt out, sucked dry of every penny, and exposed as a den of thievery, decadence and debauchery, cover-up and scandal - then every future nationalist endeavour will be tarred with that self-same brush!

So no, Mr. Griffin, your mistakes, cover-ups and cronyism is not "none of (y)our business!" - you have made it the business of every decent nationalist within and without the BNP.

When I was but a wee bairn (set screen to sepia tone), suckling at the teat of patriotism (what imagery!) before I had met a certain good friend and sent off my NF membership, I knew a large circle of NF sympathisers, primarily in my multi-culti State school (sorry Mr. Griffin et al, I didn't go to private school or Cambridge, I just was forced into another school with a make-up like the United Nations).

Even at this stage (must have been 1983-1984) some of us "knew" that the NF allowed in "queers." This put us off the NF a bit and so we also supported other 'nationalist' groups.

You see, the point is this. Out in the real world where people don't read political papers, don't have friends who are members of groups like the BNP, and (these days) don't read blogs and sites, this kind of news travels slowly.

We all know being in any party is like living in a bubble. You do, see and read all this stuff day and night, 24/7 and so you can't understand how people don't know about all this stuff. Just today I spoke to a BNP member in Birmingham who had no idea about the recent revolt and upheaval (he does now).

In the real world this stuff takes time to drip through. Even today if you speak to some people about football hooligans they'll think of skinheads and "bovver boys" when all that died out on the terraces decades ago.

But let's return to nationalism.

By 1983/84, Martin Webster had already been expelled from the NF (he says unjustly according to its constitution) ostensibly for being a homosexual (though his homosexuality was widely known - as I understand it - even back in the 70s).

Right: Martin Webster, the leader of the NF in all but name, whose homosexuality was given as the reason for John Tyndall's split from the NF to form the New National Front (NNF) in 1981, later renamed the BNP. His homosexuality was also given as a reason for his expulsion from the NF by Nick Griffin and others in 1983.

Yet to my friends and I the NF was still tainted by being a/the "queer front." It wasn't till the following year when I met someone who was in touch with the NF and getting its papers etc. that I realised that the "queer front" thing was out of date (allegedly!).

Later on when I was in the NF I remember the leaders saying that the changes they were making at that stage - specifically making the NF "green" (ecologically speaking) - would probably take a few years to "trickle down" to be understood by those on the estates getting NF leaflets etc.

As Griffin himself explained (in a cosy day spent together) to the Lefty Neo-Con cheerleader David Aaronovitch, in a similar way "changing" a political party (say from racial nationalist to anti-Muslim pressure valve) takes a long time, he said it was akin to turning a supertanker around.

Well, today's dirty laundry which is being aired publicly, primarily because of the BNP leader's failure to act against a couple of miscreants who have floated to the top of the BNP (under his tutelage) , all the money-grubbing, porno, paedo and other talk, will "trickle down" to be flung at all nationalists years from now.

This will cast a long shadow!

The damage is done.

We have all been damaged already, though some may not as yet realise it.

Yet, there is still more worrying aspects to these events than the more salacious aspects which has become the bread and butter to may people of all ideologies and none.

It's an aspect that has been overlooked by virtually everyone, but it concerns the unofficial No. 2 in the BNP.

His name is Simon Darby.

Ex of the National Democrats from the region that produced Andy Carmichael (publicly acknowledged MI5 operative).

He rose up in the BNP partly by betraying his erstwhile friends, the Edwardses who left the BNP in disgust at the extent of the money being 'skimmed' by the leadership (sound familiar?).

When Griffin alleged he was facing jail (though he had broken no law, as it stood) it wasn't the Deputy Leader of the BNP who stood to take over, but the relatively unknown Darby.

Imagine Mr. Blair circumventing John Prescott (a timely affair in anyone's book!) in favour of Peter Mandelson were he jailed during his reign (say, for war crimes) - regardless of what the party thought. Personal fiefdom anyone?

Anyway, Mr. Darby was held in such high regard by Mr. Griffin as to get this sniff at the crown; such is the trust in which he is held.

So where are Mr. Griffin and Mr. Darby now?

Well, it seems that both live in Powys (Alpine Redoubt circa 1945 anyone?) and yet the former has become the NW Regional Officer (RO) for the BNP (pushing aside the legitimately voted-in choice of the members, Chris Jackson) and Mr. Darby is the BNP RO for the West Midlands.

Yet both live in Powys, which for those of you geographically challenged is across Offa's Dyke in Wales.

This is a contradiction of BNP rules (and common sense!) which dictates that ROs should live in the regions that they control.

Still, what are rules? If the law can be broken with impunity then a few silly rules shouldn't matter eh?

What's that I hear you cry? "Is that it FC? - Is that the summation of the tittle tattle?"

Were that it were so, dear and unassuming reader.

As shown via the link below, in the blog of Councillor Simon Smith (ex BNP organiser for the Black Country area in the West Midlands) there are some very dodgy aspects to Mr. Darby.

Of course he told whopping porkies about Mr. Smith who, in our estimation, is a genuine and sincere nationalist.

When Smith left the BNP, Darby went to the media with wild tales of Smith being a "pro-Muslim extremist."

Left: Simon Darby, moved to Powys, BNP heir apparant (before Collett's appearance!), is his business address used by Lib Dem candidate?


Because Smith had had the temerity to question the official version of 911!!!


In Mr. Darby's fevered imagination such a stance becomes that of a "pro-Muslim extremist."

I have seen and heard patriots of every shade state that they don't believe the CIA-fueled fantasies re. 911, not least friends in the BNP, but if you dare question the Neo-Con stage-managed events then, to the Feds, Neo-Cons, Israeli Lobby (and Mr. Darby!) you are a "pro-Muslim extremist."

How ridiculous. Not only is it ridiculous: it is a brazen faced lie of humungoid proportions!

Still, we're used to that from Mr. Darby who went all public on Newsnight to denigrate the 'Enough is Enough rebels' as "neo-nazis" which only served to ignite the hostile indignation of the 'rebels,' swell their ranks and increase the tacit support offered by others.

You see the 'rebellion' is not so much about ideology (though the rebellion's leaders claim to want modernisation), it's more about honesty and openness against cronyism and money-grubbing.

The Edwardses, Mike Newland, Adrian Davies and others must be looking on with a deep sense of irony. Sales of "I told you so" t-shirts and lapel badges must be rocketing... As for Jonathan Bowden (ex of their Freedom Party) who tried to go back to the BNP - he found out quickly how decent, honest people get treated by the BNP!

Seems the real paedos get protection for being friends of the "dear leader" yet the talented people who could advance nationalism get smeared with false tales and outright lies of being a "paedo" (fact: Bowden was smeared for having he same name as a paedo! How juvenile can these people get?)

Indeed, the more these recent events progress the more one is reminded of the Freedom Party 'split' in the BNP, was that back in 2001? Possibly just before. Certainly it was the "race riots" of 2001 that seemed to save Griffin's skin at the time.

Just prior to the riots, mass meetings of the BNP were booing the dear leader and demanding to see him when he wheeled out Tony Lecomber to face the music. One old friend (and relative neighbour) of the dear leader even shouted out to him "you always were a cowboy and you always will be a cowboy."

It seems that one of the common threads in all this, aside from the constant allegation of financial misappropriations, is Mr. Darby.

In his Nationalist Truth blog (see the link below), Simon Smith gives clear evidence of some dodgy business going on.

Shared addresses etc. was something that unraveled the career of the (other?) West Midlands MI5 asset (and homosexual friend of Martin Webster when they co-ran Lady Birdwood's Choice organisation/paper) Peter Marriner.

Marriner wrecked Choice on purpose, handed over all correspondence etc. to state agencies, and pocketed (a share of) the money from the sale of Birdwood's West London home: this was the same man who was West Mids secretary of the NF so handled all NF enquiries in that region in his time - all of whose details we can only assume were passed onto one or more agency.

  • (An aside: We warned of Marriner, in FC magazine #7, when he was West Mids secretary of the NF, to which NF leader John Macauley not only refused to act, but attacked FC. Macauley is no longer in the NF and an FC supporter in Hemel Hempstead told us he is regularly seen in the town with his non-white girlfriend/wife).

It was on the TV programme 'True Spies' that Marriner admitted that his MI5 handler wanted him to sleep with young lads in the NF to get "pillow talk."

Such are the high standards upheld by State operatives within nationalist parties!

The evidence that Councillor Smith has unearthed deserves a wide readership.

This is no local official. This is no councillor. This is no mere crony in the background.

This man is the West Mids RO and the real No. 2 in the BNP who has moved home to be closer to Mr. Griffin.

In all this murkiness some kind of extensive report from the Freedom Party people would be most welcome as I'm sure they could shed a lot more light on Mr. Darby, as well as the similarities between the revolt of 2001 and the revolt of 2008.

Is Darby State?
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