Friday, 4 January 2008

The Daily Mail and the Christmas Lie

We all know the Media tells lies.

We know that the media on the one hand prom- otes multi- racism and on the other hand covers up some of the biggest conspiracies known to man (the banking swindle, mass immigration, Judeo-Masonic oligarchy etc.)

Above: Quick call the ADL there's an "anti-Semitic" promoting Christianity! In the UK, Communists and Liberals in local councils especially, do their utmost to sideline Christianity often using 'Muslims' as an excuse - when the real underlying hatred comes from Zionists and Reds.

Someone shoved a cutting under my esteemed nose the other day. 'Twas a clipping from the Daily Mail (that right-wing Zionist pressure valve against asylum seekers and "militant" Islam -- sound familiar?) and it contained one of the biggest lies ever.

The lie was an 11 out of 10 on the whopper scale.

I blushed as I read it, such was the overwhelmingly obvious nature of this humongous fib.

No, it wasn't a "fib." A fib is when you tell one of the kids that the fairground is closed because you're a bit skint and don't really want them throwing up candyfloss after a ride on the waltzers.

A fib is when you say you've already put the bins out because it's raining and you want to do it later on the off chance it's going to stop.

This was a big, fat juicy 'poke- you- in- the- eye- with- a- sharpened- stick- dipped- in- bright- yellow- paint' whopper of an outright, shame-faced LIE!

It was akin to being caught on the neighbours lawn, legs akimbo, next to a freshly deposited steaming faeces (red "handed" as it were) and professing in the Queen's English "it was not I."

The editorial in question (dated 22nd December 2007) quite correctly defended Christianity and specifically Christmas from the onslaught of militant atheists, primarily reds and pseudo-intellectuals out to make a few bucks.

Left: Whilst all manner of anti-Christian and anti-family Jewish, atheist and Communist drivel is permitted in Hollywood, films such as The passion of the Christ and the Narnia films (e.g. the new Prince Caspian release) cause uproar because they are Christian.

However, the Daily Mail is, above and beyond anything else, a Zionist rag (hence the presence of the pro-Israel right-wing pressure-valves Richard Littlejohn and Melanie Phillips) and so they always have to "Judaise" Christianity in their oxy-moronic way.

The editorial commented how left-wingers and their hangers-on attack Christianity using "multi-faith" (usually a by-word for Muslims) when in actual fact Muslims don't find Christmas offensive - something we at FC have mentioned before - the real offense being taken by the reds and their pooftah, atheist and Zionist chums who really hate Christianity!

The Daily Mail lied thus:

"Never mind that Christ is revered as a prophet in both the Jewish and Islamic traditions."

That is a bare-faced LIE.

It is a lie that ridicules Christ and Christianity. It mocks one of the main reasons of the crucifixion and 2000 years of trouble, war and revolution which was the rejection of Christ by the Jews.

The idea that a religion (Judaism) that has Christ boiling in excrement in hell; that calls his mother a whore who slept with Roman soldiers magically "reveres Christ as a prophet" is obscene.

It is a BIG LIE.

It is the worst kind of editorialising and shameful revisionism.

The Muslims do regard Christ as a prophet, though they reject the Holy trinity and Christ's divine nature.

Right: Jews in Israel often spit at Crucifixes - even those worn or carried by Christians.

On the other hand Jews reject Christ. They do not even regard him as a "holy man" - they think he is a blasphemer and the enemy of Judaism (because they wanted a war-like Messiah to build a great Jewish Empire or at least give Jews rule over the world -- sound familiar?).

The point here is that the Daily Mail - like most right-wing Zionist pressure valves be they media or political parties - is forced to cover-up and make out that Judaism is "friendly" to Christianity and if they have to tell such huge whoppers in the process to achieve twisted Neo-Con political ends, then they see that as a lie worth telling.

Even as Christian proselytising is banned in Israel (occupied Palestine) and as "Israeli" Jews spit on any crucifix to show their disdain, the Daily Mail has the brassneck to print this utter rubbish!

Don't expect many clerics to speak out (there'll probably be more written by hardline Jews in protest because they cannot disguise their hatred of Christ and Christianity) because, like the disciples after the Crucifixion they 'hide in fear of the Jews.'

The more times change, the more they stay the same.

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