Thursday, 3 January 2008

BNP Minder Publishes Proof

You have to feel sorry for Matt Single. Not only has he had his home and his old flat raided; not only was his house illegally entered by BNP members acting under orders from the BNP Boss; but he's had to put up with the usual BNP-Leadership spin machine and sycophants spreading their lies about him.

Left: Just one of the four irrefutable pieces of evidence published by Matt Single (see link below)

Some of us know what that feels like, after all some of us faced Griffin spin and lies back in the 90s when he tried to ingratiate himself with John Tyndall (yes, the "dinosaur neo-nazi") after publishing the SS-praising 'Rune' magazine.

To get his hands on a BNP income (yes, he was on the payroll as "Tom North" even before it was commonly known) he was more than prepared to stab his ex-comrades in the back with a Spearhead article full of lies, half-truths, conjecture and spin. Not much has changed since then.

Since that time (1996/7?) Mr. Griffin and his ever-changing band of acolytes and cronies have turned their ire against one group of people after another.

First came the attacks on John Tyndall - his "dictatorship," his lack of financial clarity etc. (sound familiar?). OK, stop laughing.

There were the Edwardses and Newlands (Freedom Party) who were important members of the BNP. They'd dared to ask for the financial clarity promised in 1999 to be implemented. Tsk tsk! What a cheek!

There was Smith and Bennett (EFP) who ran the most important branch at the time: Burnley. They wanted to build the BNP locally but faced central mismanagement and attacks on the very branch that had brought the BNP national and international recognition.

After the many others who have been attacked (usually not over policy, but to cement Nick's leadership and to cover-up money-grubbing and cronyism) the latest is Matt and the 60 or so councilors, organisers, treasurers etc. around him.

Yet the action against Matt and Co. has been the most obscene. To have your home invaded and items taken is bad enough, but for this to happen twice!

It's not just rubbing salt in the wounds, it's pouring caustic acid in whilst grinning inanely!

What's worse is that after having gone through such a traumatic experience (with a heavily pregnant girlfriend/fiance) the BNP leadership lies started pouring out, spearheaded it seems by top Zionist cheerleader Lee "Barmy" Barnes.

To the BNP leadership's sycophants these raids/burglaries never happened. They are figments of Matt's fevered imagination and proof indeed that he is some kind of "Searchlight red/Neo Nazi splitter."

Right: Having your door smashed in isn't fun. When "nationalists" organised it - it's even worse.

Mr. Griffin speaks of a new Ribbentrop/Molotov appeasement as if to justify his mad rantings that the "rebels" are all Reds yet all "Neo-Nazis" at the same time. He knows, if anything, the "rebels" take what used to be called a "Griffinite" line.

It's funny really because watching these events unfold, it was clear that the rebels, though initially feeling 'let down' by Griffin were absolutely loyal to him and made this clear beyond any doubt. But events overtook them, and it rapidly became clear that Mr. Griffin was prepared to go to any lengths to attack these people and those sympathetic to their case, whilst covering up for the illegality and stupidity of his cronies.

This was especially worrying as one of the events involved attempted paedophilia by two of Mr. Griffin's leader-class - which the leadership cronies have tried to excuse by saying "they looked older than 16."

Imagine such a defence in a court case! Ignorance is no defence -- and to try and commit such a distasteful act on the premises at a BNP conference absolutely beggars belief! Even if the girls were over 16 (which they were not), is the BNP and its events some kind of knocking-shop?

Will one of those responsible now stop distributing (and over charging!) for BNP anti-paedophile leaflets?

Or will the BNP leadership close ranks and find excuse after excuse for these people, because they are cronies?

Right: The spin machined seems finely tuned, but it has spread so many lies against so many people, the whole deck of cards may be ready to fall.

Because they have been involved in financial mismanagement (details of that available via the Enough is Enough and the North West Nationalist Blogs) one recycling up to £5K a month, the other getting £50K BNP money to open a business which then charges the BNP for CDs at a commercial rate; it seems that the BNP would rather protect them and stir up lies, illegality and hatred against 60 plus of its own activists including councillors and organisers.

The Kosher-Tory columnist Richard Littlejohn (one of Mr. Griffin's favourites of course) has a saying: YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP.

Indeed you couldn't! Not that it stops Barmy Barnes from suggesting that all this (the raids etc.) was "made up" and so after having his home violated twice (three times if you include his Essex flat), Matt Single is forced to put the evidence of the searches/raids online.

Above: Is the BNP Zionist Barmy Barnes being seen for what he is?

Of course, I haven't even mentioned the evidence of Joey Owens, the Merseyside ex-BNP Minder and the attempted entrapment of him by BNP crony Tony Lecomber. Lecomber tried to persuade Mr. Owens into acts of Terrorism. Although publicly kicked out of the party, the last BNP accounts show that the Terrorist Lecomber (previously jailed for explosives) was still on the payroll!

Do you have to break the law to get a BNP backhander these days?

With ex-friends like these none of us need enemies!

We await the next salvo.

Proof of the warrants issued by the police against Matt Single


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