Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Kenya: Our Government to Blame

The British government can't condemn the recent election shenanigans in Kenya because they are a result of New Labour policies!

Left: New Kenyan President
Mwai Kibaki. Because he lives so far away, he probably supports Man Utd.

"How so?" you ask. And I will tell you oh kind and faithful reader.

Well first we had the Postal Ballots in elections which were labeled worse than a Third World Banana republic by an inquiry judge.

Hardly sets the tone for "fair elections" elsewhere.

Then there was the governments downgrading of cannabis despite all the health and social implications - all done by a minister, might I add, whose own son was caught with the drug in his pocket!

So how can the UK government complain when the Kenyans vote in Mr. My Whacky Baccy? (Spelling:
Mwai Kibaki).

So ignore all the bluster and outrage from Westminster. New Labour are to blame!


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