Saturday, 19 January 2008

Freedom to Protest?

A Freedom to Protest activist is assaulted and arrested by the police at Downing Street.

Right: An injured Freedom to Protest activist Brian Haw is arrested at Downing Street.

This government has misused and abused the threat from the CIA ghost "Al Qaeda" and the Capitalist-created and alienated 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims, to push through "Patriot Act" style laws to restrict our ancient freedoms.

It seems that Gordon Brown's osmosis from Stalin to Mr. Bean is reversed as we witness the kind of terror-tactics used by the security forces in the latter days of Mr. Blair.

Perhaps Brown's getting tips on dealing with those who want their freedoms from the Chinese Communists?

Whilst on the subject, two asides on the nature of Marxian Police States.

1. The BBC has been full of comments re. Mr. Brown's visit to China. The main stress has been on the need to trade with China as a means to defeat the totalitarians. Funny that the lefties of the 70s who are now in power didn't take the same line with Apartheid-era South Africa; nor for that matter was it their outlook on Iraq, nor is it on Iran. Strange that.

2. One of the younger FC Sprogs was using a FC "Keep Marx Out of the Classroom" pens to do some homework. When I commented favourably I was told "Yeah, all this constant marking and grading of work is a bit much" - I think he'd missed the point! ;-)

Brian Haw's assault and arrest

Also, how long before State "crackdowns" on "extremist" sites is used against Nationalists:
Crack Down on Radical Web Sites


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