Thursday, 3 January 2008

AOL - The Biggest Cowboys of all

Is it too early in the New Year to go all Country and Western?

I don't think so - so here goes:

Hi Y'all. (hitches up his dungarees)

P'ting (spittoon resounds at B#).

Have y'all heard of the biggest bunch of low down snake-belly cotton-pickin' cowboys there ever was?


Yep. P'ting (again, C flat)

It seems those no-good varmints at AOL have blocked all their customers from gettin' the FC e-zine.

So compadres - if'n you use AOL and want to get the FC e-zine you'd better sure send us an alter-nee-tive e-mail aydress.

So as I drag the hay bales back into storage, and clean out my ear with a pitchfork - drop a line with another e-mail addy if you've used AOL up till now.

Now I'm off huntin' injuns.


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