Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sadie Strikes Back!

No, not the 5th episode of Star Wars ("but Luke, I am your father...")

In this article (see link below) Sadie Graham answers what seem to be some whopping lies from Nick Griffin and if, as is stated, one or more videos exist of Nick Griffin stating that BNP members' homes were bugged, it will prove that the current BNP leader is not only an out and out liar, but has indeed consorted in illegal acts.

Look at the article, and in the feedback to it see the comments about the gent who calls himself "Purging the Droid"* (whom those in the know think is Griffin, or at the very least a close lieutenant) and the intemperate language he is using against the "rebels" (smacks of a repeat of the "vermin" episode).

Will nationalism remain the plaything of perverts, profiteers, liars and thieves?

Can the "rebels" defeat the evil empire and its tyrannical leader?

Time will tell...

Answering the Lies

*The name PTD seems to refer to when the NF got rid of Ian Anderson (the 1986 Flag Group "split" when Griffin attacked the Wingfields - now his allies - as Tories and degenerates).


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