Sunday, 13 January 2008

Feeding Anti-Semitism by Their Actions

I hate to come over all Anti-Semite, but there appears to be a pattern emerging in the recent round of "political donations" afflicting the parties.

First we had the Abrahams Scandal involving someone (a confirmed bachelor no less) important enough to be visited by Israeli officials.

Then came Peter Hain whose donors include a diamond merchant called Nagel (and who it now appears did favours for Tescos - real name Cohens - a client of his election-fund manager).

Now we understand the Tory George Osbourne is embroiled in another donation scandal, and money includes some from Rothschilds.


What on earth will the Kosher-Tories like Mad Mel Phillips say? And the lefty Neo Cons like Aaronovitch?

No doubt these little, annoying links and facts will be dismissed as "Anti-Semitic" so I'd just like to distance myself from any such aspersions.

Perish the thought.

Abrahams Scandal.

Hain/Nagel Scandal.

Hain/Tescos Scandal.


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