Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crack Cocaine - What's the Problem???

I think I'm getting old before my time (he said as he adjusted the tartan blanket the housekeeper had placed over his knees).

Left: The media seem happy to blacklist anyone who questions immigration, let alone race-mixing - and perish the thought should any "anti-Semite" be given airtime! Yet druggies of all shapes and sizes are still promoted and paid by the BBC and others. Are the BBC directors happy to see licence-payers money paid out to fund the drugs habits of "celebrities."

You see in my day (pause for sip of warming cocoa) if you broke the law you got arrested. Even if you were a young whippersnapper playing rat-a-tat-ginger (they call it something like knock-and-run these days) the local copper would try and get you and take you home, led by the ear, only to get an even worse telling off at home!

So is it me? But why is these illegal substance hoovers - otherwise known as "celebrities"
- can get caught in flagrante shoveling copious amounts of hardcore drugs up their schnozzles or intravenously via needles and all sorts of paraphernalia ... and nothing happens.

Above Right: Amy Winehouse (often described as "sexy" by the media). Is she above the law?

Kate Moss. George Michael. "Boy George." And now Amy Winehouse is filmed taking 'crack cocaine.'

And I thought I was getting near the knuckle by cracking open the hob nob biscuits of a weekend!

Yet we live in an age when it is certainly 'One Law For Them' (as the popular beat combo The 4 Skins sang so melodically circa 15 years ago).

'Twas ever thus you cry, certainly since the time of the Bow Street Runners and the Peelers. Who can't help but think Jack the Ripper got away with it because of his "celebrity" connections?

But I digress (nurse! my medication).

Why is it that cocaine quaffing, heroine injecting, marijuana toking 'celebs' never get arrested and charged for their illegal activities?

Right: Whether taking drugs or engaging in sordid sexual acts publicly, the media has not stopped promoting degenerate filth such as George Michael. What message does that send out - especially to our children?

I get fined if I do 35mph in a 30 mile an hour limit zone. I get fined if I stay 2 minutes over in a metered parking bay.

Heaven forbid that I ever even carried some illegal substance (even if unknowingly) I am sure that if caught I would be charged (I'd hope so anyway...).

Yet these celebs seem to walk between the raindrops.

Amy Winehouse - the bee-hived bloke-a-like whose Talmudic Taxi-driving dad seemed to 'manage' her - is out and about in public. No sign of arrest. Certainly no sign of being locked away (she would be unlikely not to offend again, surely a case for withholding bail?).

Are we to assume that crack cocaine is no longer illegal?

So it would seem.

Perhaps she should have used the "N word" in a private conversation... no doubt the police would then swoop with gusto for fear of some Sun-reading degenerate being "offended."

Left: Is it any wonder there is a culture of the rich and "famous" figuratively 'getting away with murder' when our erstwhile leader Tony Blair did so quite literally. In an age when laws, natural justice and morality are bent, ignored, tweaked or ridden roughshod over, is it any wonder that the degenerate third rate minstrels of our age think they can snort half of Colombia and get away with it?

I'd like to think the government might do something, but when Westminster, the City of London and much else besides is crammed full of cocaine snorters I don't think I'll be holding my breath.

Still it's nice to know the BBC won't be playing any more of Amy's negroidesque warblings in an effort to deny her the funds to keep her drug supplier in the lifestyle to which he's accustomed.

Now then, back to my cocoa...


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