Saturday, 19 January 2008

Are Jews Covering Up the Truth?

Michael Hoffman is an acquired taste, like many Americans and experts he can be extremely argumentative and can sometimes takes things too personally.

Yet when it comes to Judaism, Zionism and related topics he has published some very interesting material.

Certainly no-one who has read his writings on the Talmud and Judaism can fail to see through the lies of 'Zionist Christians' or those seeking the approval of an enemy media by stating idiotic lies such as "Judaism is the forerunner of Christianity" or that "Christianity is Jewish" as if repeating something ad infinitum makes it true.

Such people know nothing of the Truth, or of the war that has gone on for the last 2000 years, a war which peaked with the French and Russian revolutions and the victory of Freemasonry (which still thinks it has won, and still regards most of us as sheep) a war in which the gnosticism of weirdos way-back-when is regurgitated as "new" in bullcrap theories such as the "Davinci Code".

In a new post on his blog (see link below), Hoffman states that whilst Revisionism is illegal in many countries, there is an orchestrated campaign to deny the historical truth of Christ's life and resurrection (essential tenets of the Christian Faith) which is being pushed by certain Jewish interests.

Yet whilst the organised Zionists and their hired-mouths shriek and create a wall of sound (one of the latter not-so-great Slade songs there!) we Christians allow our religion to be assaulted by this garbage.

I remember a BBC Sunday evening "documentary" in which Jeremy Bowen (then BBC Mid East reporter) repeating the old Jewish lie that Mary was a whore, the Christ was conceived during her menstruation and that His father was a Roman Centurion.

Imagine the BBC daring to run a costly, well presented mini series like this outlining how the Holocaust was in reality a few hundred thousand dead in the course of war, breakdown of infrastructure, allied carpet bombing and typhus?

They know they can push the Talmudic crap and get away with it! Who cares if they upset Christians? Look at their arrogance re. the showing of Jerry Springer the Opera.

They also know they they would never get away with showing a series questioning the Holy of Holies, the new religion that allows for Neo Con power, that allows for Zionist atrocities and Zionist never-ending wars.

They fear the reaction of Jews more than they fear the reaction of Christians.

How could that be?

Indeed it's unthinkable, it's weird... unless you accept that the "conspiracy theorists" (re. Zionist power in business, banking, media etc.) is correct.

Yet to add further fuel to that particular fire, anything that promotes this anti-Christian agenda is given wide media coverage. Anything that goes against it is covered-up or (as Mel Gibson discovered) when they have no alternative due to its scale, is attacked as "hateful" by this cabal and its fellow-travelers such as the homosexual lobby (with its intrinsic hatred of Christianity).

What interesting times we live in!

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