Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Ghost of Christmas Past

I found this gem from the FC e-zine dated 25th December 2004:


Those of you unfortunate enough to have seen the whole of the Queen’s Speech earlier today will have witnessed one of the most shameful piece of political polemics ever uttered.

We were offered words, and pictures, of the benefits of multi-racism, multi-culturalism and the fantastic opportunities afforded by alien religions such as Sikhism and Islam.

The Queen who, don’t forget is the nominal head of the Church of England proceeded to attack “extremists” who seek to undo all this good work, and she also waxed lyrical about the schoolkids who intermix, before a multi-racial school choir sang some modern vomit-inducing ‘hymn’ about love.

Visions of the Queen at a Sikh temple and the Prince of Wales at a Muslim centre capped a speech which must surely rank as the worst ever made.

FC has never been particularly monarchist, but we know some of our supporters are, and we can understand their viewpoint for everyone seeks to cling to traditions, to certainties, to links with the past.

But even hardened monarchists must surely wonder how the Queen can utter such politically short-sighted utter tripe.

Has the Queen ever been mugged? Has she lived alongside Asian-dominated streets? Has she witnessed drug dealers at the end of her road? Has she seen her former homes, streets and /or towns overrun with foreign hordes?

This women who lives in a carefully controlled bubble has read a scandalous speech written by some political professional from the government’s ranks. The upper class twaddle espoused by a class that’s never known life at the ‘sharp end’, who’ve never suffered the direct results of multi-racism, and written by the esconced political twits who look down from their ivory towers and ignore the evidence, ignore the proof and ignore the pleas of the indigenous peoples over the years to further their own absurd political dogmas.

Those who have excused this Queen as she allowed her parliament to pass morally illegal, fundamentally unjust, thoroughly absurd and totally un-Christian laws over the years may be forced to sit up and think re. this latest Queen’s Speech of 2004.

The laws legalising abortion and homosexuality should have been the final straw(s). The Race Relations Act that piece of Talmudic inspired Bolshevik legislation, written and supervised by the usual enemies of Christian civilisation should have awakened even the most comatose of those (un)fortunate souls holding a UK passport and whose veins run with the blood of the Anglo-Celtic peoples who once exclusively peopled these Isles.

But as G.K. Chesterton said, the English people haven’t woken yet more’s the pity. And whilst the English, and their cousins across our internal borders, have rallied occasionally whether over issues such as unemployment, immigration, petrol taxes, hunting the political class remain, the bankers continue bleeding us dry and this Royal Family continues to reign over the biggest betrayal of a people ever!

On BBC1 the Queen’s Speech was followed by a programme hosted by perma-tanned faggot Dale Winton who basically helped needy kids get gifts of a life-time. In this saccharine sick BBC of 2004 we get one scandalous Queen’s Speech followed by more sickening tripe interspersed by more speech from a media-sponsored queen!

My TV was switched off with frightening speed as I’m sure countless others were, to spend more time with what the BBC bosses might label my “hideously White” family and despite Queen Elizabeth’s approved laws on abortion, homosexuality and race we’re a White family that remain resolutely opposed to all those maladies like many others.

And as we raised a glass we toasted like-minded “extremists” or as the determined nationalist fighter of many decades Rosine De Bounevialle used to say: “Here’s to us, who’s like us?” whom the Queen, her speech-writer(s) and her government seem to have declared a form of war on, in defence of all things indefensible.

God Bless the Queen? Not in our house.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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