Sunday, 4 May 2008

I Can Save Gordon Brown & New Labour!


If you're standing, take a seat.

If you're eating or drinking, put down your vitals.

If you are of a temperament prone to anger, leave the room.

If you have a weak constitution have the nurse standing ready.

I think I can save Gordon Brown. I think I can keep New Labour in office.

Yes! It's true. They haven't phoned me yet... but let me explain how I can do this and I'm sure Ed Balls, his wife Ms Yvette Cooper or one of the Milliband brothers will be on the phone by sunset.

I've told my nan to keep off the phone just in case they're trying to get through later. And I've set up the motion alarm system around the phone to keep all the sprogs away from it (not for any special reason that, I do it anyway to keep the bills low... 'a penny saved' etc.)

So after this preamble I'd better explain my plan and my reasoning.

On so many news and political programmes since Thursday night Gordon Brown has said he's going to start listening. What was he doing up until now? Ruling via arrogance?

Equally as aired via the Electronic Talmud was one Tessa Jowell. I guess as Minister for London she had to answer the media queries over Boris Johnston's election for Mayor (did every candidate have to have an ability to crush all notions of fidelity and sexual self-control?).

She mirrored the comments of her boss and said the people were "hurting."

10 years of New Labour rule. 10 years of (variant) Socialism. 10 years of tax and spend. 10 years of New Deal, Minimum Wage, Tax Credits... and yet still we are hurting!


Well despite forking out oodles of cash on initiatives to help the poor, the cost of living has risen so much these could even be said to be negated in the last year or so. With mortgages fast rising too, people are starting to feel let down.

Part of this equation is the first part of New Labours Mantra "Tax and Spend."

It's all very well spending (with cronies and big business creaming off their own profits naturally!) but it's the tax part that hurts.

If only there were some way to NOT Tax and STILL Spend.

It's surely not possible! Harriet Harman earlier today said that people wanted the money being spent on schools, the NHS, Tax Credits (etc.) and so they had to realise that if these outgoings were to be continued (for the betterment of "all") then the people would have to continue paying taxes.

That's all very well, but tell that to any family whose wage-income has fallen in real terms, whose mortgage has risen, whose fuel and heating bills have risen, whose food bills have risen, whose Council Tax has risen, who has more chance of being fined for traffic violations, and who still (after umpteen years) face nuisance "low level" criminality - that they should be paying so many forms of taxation (hidden and unhidden).

To give just one example, Americans would find it hard to believe that we poor sods in the Colonial Power pay over £1.20 for a litre of diesel.

That's just 1 litre! To get the price of 1 gallon use the rough figure of four and a half litres (that's not exact, just me using comprehensive school maths). That gives us a rough figure of £5.40 for a gallon of diesel.

Answer me this. If Americans were paying $10.80 for a gallon of diesel fuel for their cars do you think they would accept that? Or would they strike, riot, or carry out civil disobedience?

Yes, our regular readers from California to Maine will be gobsmacked. Add to that the fact that circa 60% of what we pay goes straight to HM Treasury (that's the government's coffers) by way of VAT and fuel taxes. Yet still the government plans (they may well drop it after their total drubbing on Thursday) to add another 2p in tax to fuel in October.

What a bunch of wimps we all are to sit and take this BS from people who went to expensive private schools, who fiddle their expenses, who employ their family and friends, and who leave office to sinecures in oil, banking, arms and other multinationals and big businesses.

What do we do in protest? Vote for another bunch of treacherous, spoilt, Masonic-Zionist hirelings in the hope that anything will change. Fat Chance!

But let me return to my idea of how I can save Gordon Brown's current career (before he - officially - moves onto the books of Rothschilds or Goldman Sachs).

It's quite simple really, and certainly anyone who claims to understand economics and politics should follow my thesis quite easily.

Gordon: STOP borrowing money from the banks. STOP paying back the billions in loan interest every year. START issuing the government's own money (instead of borrowing or taxing it into your coffers) and soon you will have no national debt.

No national debt means more money to spend from much reduced taxes. The NHS and schools will benefit. The tax-payer will hail you as their saviour.

Of course you, Gordon, will have to break your subservience to the banks - but what have they ever done for you? They created the "credit crunch" via their usurious greed. They put their own greed and self-interest before that of the nation of the government as the recent fiasco has proved.

Who do you serve Gordon (the "Socialist"): the people or the banks?

Who do you put first Gordon? The nation or a relative handful of self-serving, greedy, Masonic money-grubbers in the City of London who have fed off a debt bubble that is bursting right now?

Just imagine Gordon! You can pump money into schemes to benefit the Common Good. You can keep funding the NHS and schools. You can pay for more bobbies on the beat. You can help local councils get out of debt to the banks and so lower their taxes too.

You will be hailed as the hero of the people for decades if not all of history!

A latter day Robin Hood beating the largest robbers of all time to help the poor.

Of course the vested interests will attack you because they will lose multi-billions. The newspapers, the banks, the media-pundits hired by big business... all these will bay for your blood.

But again I ask: who do you serve Gordon - the people, or financiers? Voters or media moguls?

You could even use some of the money raised to start national construction schemes to pay-off some of the businesses and keep them happy... it wouldn't really matter in the big scheme of things.

If you think it can't be done, read The Guernsey Experiment.

The government of Guernsey faced the problem of a population over-taxed, a population fast emigrating, crumbling infrastructure, huge debts to the banks. Sound familiar?

So their solution was not to increase taxes. Their solution wasn't to borrow more money and so increase their debts.

Their solution was to issue their own currency, free of debt, and use it to pay for public works, use the income to reduce taxes, and even use the money to pay off their debts (though I would argue that there was no more moral duty to do so than to pay every last installment to a door-stepping loan shark!)

If the government of Guernsey could do it - can't the government of Westminster?

When we have only recently repaid the Napoleonic Wars debts and only just repaid the debts incurred to the American government alone from WW2, we have to ask why our successive governments feel the need to be eternally in debt to a handful of super-rich (no, obscenely rich is more apt) financial institutions?

Again, I have to ask who Gordon serves? Or whom does he wish to serve? The people? Or the banks?

I can ask the same question of all the other parties too... yet if none of them are willing to grasp the nettle and face up to the banking elite -- then none of them can ever claim to have the best interests of our people at heart.

Anything else is empty gesturing.

Anything else will not prevent another "credit crunch" or financial crisis.

Anything else will not stop the incessant rise in taxes.

Anything else will eventually see public expenditure curtailed.

Anything else will be a total and utter betrayal of the working people of these islands.

So, Gordon - or one of your minions - feel free to give me a bell today. I shall be standing by to rescue your government and secure the next general election for you as the voters and (ex!?) tax-payers hail you as their saviour.

When you cut the taxes from fuel duty the haulage industry alone will pay for your retirement villa (I hear the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia is particularly charming).

So come on Gordon!

Just think... you will outshine Tony Blair! He had rewards from the warmongers, the Neo Cons, the bankers, the industrialists. You will get the rewards of a relieved people!

You will even light the beacon of hope for other governments across Europe and the world to free their people from taxation and usury-debt insecurity.

Gordon! Your destiny, your legacy and your party's future is in your hands.

I have a good supply of pork pies and a couple of cold beers lined-up, so I won't be going far for the rest of the day. I'll be in ear shot of the phone.

The rest is down to you...

Buy The Guernsey Experiment by O & J Grubiak


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