Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Human-Animal Embryos: Chimeras Are Here.

So "our" parliament voted yesterday to allow the creation of chimeras - part human/part animal unborn creatures.

The fact that this was a fix like our "entry" to the EEC/EU is plain to see. The chimeras were already being produced before the vote took place!!!

And now we have a "legal" situation for this Frankenstein science which is totally unproven, not to say probably highly unnecessary given that adult and umbilical stem cell research is still in its infancy - and could show real results if resources poured into Chimeras were diverted into these sane areas of research.

We have to ask ourselves two key questions:

1. How long before the "strict guidelines" much quoted since this entered the headlines are ignored or forgotten?

After all abortion should only be available where the mother's life is at risk - yet we have abortion on demand for socialites who want to go skiing and for selfish absentee "fathers" who pressurise their "partners." It's easy to forget how easily life rides roughshod over "guidelines" and rules.

A very close friend of mine worked at a laboratory for years and he told me that they would often make up results that fitted known expectations to prevent any fuss, to make the working day easier and to finish early. When he tried to buck this trend a huge volume of peer pressure ensured he buckled and fell into line. How can we know none of these chimeras will go full term? When government departments and agencies are losing invaluable info on millions of people can we be sure a chimera won't get into the human gene pool? Or mixed with human embryos?

2. How do we know we are not entering Thalidomide territory? Mixing animal genes and material with human might (and this is not in the slightest proven!) give a "cure" that creates more problems than it prevents.

With the normal chimera-avoiding alternatives not fully explored this seems another example of big business, big money, red militant atheists and others coming together to create a society which goes against all that is normal (a la abortion, homosexuality etc. etc.)

For those who believe that life begins at conception -- and how can it be otherwise when an unborn child can feel pain early in its development and can sometimes survive birth at roughly half way through its natural cycle, otherwise where does one "draw the line" of non-life/non-human and life/human? -- this moment is crystal clear: our degenerate faggot-hugging, anti-family, socialistic government has just given the green light to creating lives that are part human and part animal.

What consequences this awful and arrogant decision will have for us as a society God only knows!


mtfury1 said...

For Our Dear Leader this is yet another hope for British industry to become a "world leader", with a backward look at Comet and Blue Streak, and the voice of Harold Wilson talking of a "White Heat of Technology". He would sell his mother father and the church they worshiped in.

For the scientists it's bonanza time - yeehar!Many countries will not touch this kind of 'science' with a highly medicated barge-pole.Now we have a host of wannabe Doctor Moreau characters, who with no proof that this theory will do annnything other than enrich them by providing work for decades hence.

Much like the earlier Stem Cell stuff - where we find that cells removed from umbilical cord work as well as cells from murdered babies - this will prove to be worthless 'research' done not to further mankind but because the scientists demand the right to do so; they have no moral core feeling and, thus, should be free do do anything anywhere for no reason but they want to.

NorthWestNationalists said...

They will just cut out the 'middle-man' next and legalise bestiality !

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