Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Chris Jackson to stand as Second Challenger

We understand that last year's BNP leadership election challenger Chris Jackson will be challenging for the leadership again this year.

Those are his plans at the moment - and there have been murmurings on the net of a second challenger (as well as Councillor Colin Auty). Whilst some have said it could be Richard Barnbrook, it's likely that Barnbrook will remain a Griffin Loyalist for the time being.

More news as we get it, but look at the NW Nationalist site re. Eddy Butler's email and you'll understand that the spin machine is already very busy - with ugly talk of restricting the rights of the challengers a la Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

With other recent posts on the NW Nationalist site confirming that the BNP leader spoke at a Burnley meeting, stating that the BNP should work with other "community leaders" etc. etc.

People shouldn't be shocked because the BNP took a brazen multi-cult stance in the London elections (boasting of its Jewish, Sikh and West Indian support).

It seems the BNP is fast approaching its Yad Vashem watermark as it follows in the footsteps of Fini's "post Fascist" AN and the ultra-Zionist post-Vlaams Blok party.

And for those who protest??? They'll either be "vermin" like Jackson and his supporters; "Neo-Nazis and Searchlight" spies like the Enough is Enough crowd; 'nice but useful idiots' like Cllr Auty; "niggers" like Sharon Ebanks... and so on ad nauseum.

In a Stalinist pastiche of Private Eye's missives from 'The Great Leader' Comrade Brown, the BNP is fast becoming a Stalinist farce wherein today's "comrade" is tomorrow's "vermin" and all manner of party photos must get the airbrush treatment.

Still with recent mail-outs garnering over £100,000 do the New Tory Party care? Probably not, for grass roots nationalist support can easily be replaced by grass roots armchair supporters put in place via the BNP's liberalism and Zionism.

We hope the money's worth it!


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