Thursday, 15 May 2008

Gordon Brown, Tax and the Lewes Pound

Despite my offer of help to win the day for Gordon Brown and have him voted in at the next general election as "the champion of the people," he chose to go cap in hand to the banks and borrow £2.7 Billion to pay for a tax concession to try and win votes and cover-up his mess from removing the 10p tax band.

"Gordon the Socialist" shows himself, once again, as Gordon the Banksters errand boy.

£2.7 billion in reality means millions more in interest every single month because the money will be borrowed at interest.

In his Radio 4 (Today programme) and Downing Street press conference appearances today he tried to paper over the cracks by stating that he could do this because the government's debt was now just 38% instead of 44% - I presume of annual income... but whatever, GB said this equates to £100 Billion less debt.

It just goes to show how the national debt is way out of control. What better time to return to the topic of issuing money as a credit instead of borrowing it from the banks as a debt?

Readers in Sussex should be aware that the Lewes Pound will be launched in September. This will be a new local currency that can be used to buy local services and products and is - apparently - one of several local currencies launched in England.

Whilst on a small scale and promoted as a way to help environmental concerns, this is a positive move in bringing about more usury-free money out of the control of banksters.

Nationalist activists and councilors should be promoting such initiatives and asking councils to issue Tax Vouchers as an alternative usury-free local currency which businesses and people can use to pay their Business Rates and Council Tax.

Issuing such Vouchers would save tens of thousands in borrowed money and interest payments for Council Tax-payers.

How much more beneficial to "voters" than Neo Con Israel-First BS that no-one cares about?


Jez said...

Great post!

Subserviance to and/or fear of the banks and Israel are the hallmarks of traitor politicians.

Anonymous said...

Banking and taxation is the fundamental political issue. Everything flows from this ...

Final Conflict said...


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