Sunday, 25 May 2008

BNP Leader in Crisis?

With claim and counter-claim hurtling through cyber space about his backers pulling out and concerning pressure applied to his supporters from the BNP leadership that would make both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown green with envy, Councilor Colin Auty is hitting back.

The latest post on his blog is an enlightening one. It seems that the BNP leader is so distraught at the number of dissenting circles within the BNP (those he hasn't yet expelled!) a Stalinesque communique has been issued to BNP orgainsers and suchlike asking them to swear total loyalty in what (we can only presume) is meant to be a legally-binding contract.

If word is correct that another BNP member lost tens of thousands in court after taking the advice of BNP "legal expert" Lee 'Yarmulke' Barnes one must only hope that the BNP isn't relying on the legal "expertise" (stop laughing) of Monsieur Barnes re. this bizarre document.

These 'contracts' aren't worth the paper they're written on. They are, though a none-too-subtle form of coercion and psychological pressure. let's hope they don't backfire.

BNP Leader in Crisis


Behind Blue Eyes said...

The BNP now stands for the Big Nose Party due to the fact they have allied themselves with Jewish supremacists.

The late, great John Tyndall must be turning in his grave at this disgracefull collaboration with the enemies of mankind. I recently watched the excerpt of his great speech at the 1998 BNP party conference where he quite categorically stated that it was the powerfull Jewish Lobby that put pressure on the hotels to cancel the party's bookings! This was in earshot of Nick Griffin.

This crowd of mudering meglamaniac supremacists have been behind every movement to destroy Christian civilisation including Zionism, Marxism, Socialism, Nazism, Communism, Muliculturalism, Feminism & Political Correctness.

Griffin isn't nothing but a Zionist stooge along with Cameron & Brown etc. These last two have gone on record as saying they are Zionists! They both should be strung up for treason. Jewish terrorists committed terrible atrocities against British tommies in Palestine including blowing up a hotel and hanging two soldiers. Never mind the genocide they are committing against the Palestinians as I type this comment.

John Tyndall was ousted in a digracefull coup d'etat by the bog eyed high ranking Freemason Intelligence Asset Griffin and his Jewish sidekick Mark Collett. MC has got slimy hymie written all over him. He's playing the role of Jew World Order agent very well. The Judeo Masonic cabal that rules the world have insisted that Britain & other countries of the EU must allow millions of Moslems into their nations. The likes of MOSSAD, CIA, MI5/6 then commit False-Flag attacks in which Moslems get the blame. This is where the likes of Griffin come into play. They then fan the flames of Christian - Islam hostility. Meanwhile the Jewish supremacists rub their grubby hands together as their two greatest stumbling blocks to their Jewish World Order are at each other's throats. These False Flag attacks also act to provide sympathy to poor old Israel as they continue on with their genocidal expansionist march through the Middle East. Divide and conquer is the modus operandi of these vile parasites.

Anonymous said...

"...and his Jewish sidekick Mark Collett."

Is Collett really Jewish?

Can we have some hard facts to substantiate this assertion please?

If true this is very worrying.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I do apologise for this assumption on my part.

To me he looks a 100% Red Sea Pedestrian! However, I don't have any concrete evidence to back it up.

While I'm on here I must recommend a fantastic book I've just finished reading by an Englishman named Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. The book is called:-
The Synagogue of Satan - The Secret History of Jewish World Domination.

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